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Name Position Phone
Barton, Bonnie Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8778
Berrios, Juli Instructor, Nursing; Pre-nursing Advisor 864-941-8538
Cannady, Stephanie Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8354
Cooper, Lori Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8531
Harris, Tara Dean, Nursing 864-941-8525
King, Rebecca Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8564; 864-938-1508
Larson, Karen Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8637
Porter, Teresa Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8680
Reish, Janean Counselor, Nursing 864-941-8720
Skawski, Susan Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8790
Stidom, Deidre Administrative Assistant, Nursing 864-941-8724
Weatherington, Brenda Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8619
Wiley, Denise Health Records Assistant, Health Science and Nursing 864-941-8752
Wilson, Elizabeth Instructor, Nursing; SIMS Lab Coordinator 864-941-8548
Yonce, Stephanie Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8534