Fast Track Program

The Fast Track program offers highly motivated, college-ready students an accelerated route to a bachelor’s degree, in a highly structured class schedule that ensures you’ll get the classes you need, when you need them.

Beginning in Fall 2014, the Fast Track program will enable eligible students to finish the freshman and sophomore years of a bachelor’s degree in just one year, while taking advantage of the convenience and cost savings available at PTC’s Laurens Campus.

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Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Just 3 Years

Fast Track is a 1+2 program to accelerate your work toward a four year degree.

Through an innovative four day a week class schedule, you’ll earn a transferable, two-year Associate in Arts degree from PTC that will allow you to transfer into your destination school as a junior—after just a year.

You’ll be able to apply any dual credit coursework you may have taken in high school to further accelerate your progress, and to increase your cost savings.


Save Your Tuition Money—And Your Time

If you complete a portion of your education here, you'll save thousands in tuition costs and fees. PTC offers the region’s lowest tuition, a wide range of financial aid options and a tuition plan designed to make higher education affordable for everyone.

As an additional benefit, if you’re eligible for a LIFE scholarship, you’ll also save a full year of eligibility by starting in PTC’s Fast Track program.


Bridge and Transfer Options

Each year, hundreds of students transfer credits earned at Piedmont Tech to colleges and universities all over the region. In additional to more than 60 transferable courses, PTC also offers formal bridge programs with the following institutions: