Advanced Professional Clay Certificate

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Advanced Clay certificate students should have completed the first certificate or have previous experience in pottery throwing and production prior to entry. An interview with the Professional Clay faculty is required for entrance in either certificate.

Program Location: Edgefield

Contact Information: Thomas Koole


Required Courses

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Day Program

PCC 116 Pottery Tool Making 2.0
PCC 212 Decorative Pottery 7.0
PCC 230 Advanced Glaze Testing 2.0
PCC 130 Pottery Production 7.0
PCC 213 Craft Enterprise 2.0
  Elective Professional Clay 2.0
Total Credit Hours: 22.0

Updated 4/18/2012


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement - The Professional Clay certificates are designed to prepare individuals for employment as professional potters or for pottery related fields. The Professional Clay program will combine production classes with courses in small business management, entrepreneurship and craft marketing. Using traditional and contemporary concepts, students will learn basic and advanced throwing skills with an emphasis on form and design, as well as a comprehensive understanding of clays, firing techniques, glaze formulation and glazing and finishing methods.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic clay properties

  2. Demonstrate an understanding and skill in the uses of art elements and principles, methods of production, techniques of construction and surface treatment, and purposes of pottery.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to load and fire kilns

  4. Demonstrate an understanding of basic marketing techniques

  5. Communicate effectively with clients

  6. Recognize and identify basic components of a glaze and how glaze chemicals interact with one another

  7. Perform basic glazing and decorating techniques

  8. Demonstrate the ability to throw all basic utilitarian pottery forms


Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Advisement Information

  • Students must take the college placement test. If a student has prior college credit in English and math, the placement test will be waived.

  • An interview with the Professional Clay program coordinator or the Edgefield County Campus Dean is required for admission into the program

Advisement Information updated 4/22/2013