Massage Therapy Program

An interest in health and wellness, a solid understanding of how the human body works and a desire to help people are the perfect combination for a career in massage therapy.

Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing professions in the health care field. And there is an ever increasing acceptance of massage as a holistic approach to health care and health maintenance. Medical practitioners from dentists and doctors, to chiropractors and surgeons are now employing massage therapists or referring their patients to therapists for everything from joint disorder to carpal tunnel syndrome.

After completing a certificate in Massage Therapy at PTC, you’ll be prepared to become a certified massage therapist, and you’ll have the practical experience to succeed.

Career Tracks:

  • Possible to earn $15 - $60/hour
  • Average wage for PTC grads is $26.62/hour
  • 86% placement rate for 2009-2011 graduates
  • Full or part-time available
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Entry Level Positions:

  • Healthcare settings, including medical and rehabilitation centers
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Fitness Centers
  • More...
Hands-On Training

Students in the Massage Therapy Program receive individualized attention in classes with 12-24 students.

Students complete 40 credit hours of instruction, to include lab work and 50 additional hours of real-world experience on their own.

The program provides a community service massage therapy clinic beginning the second semester in January each year, running to a third semester in August.  The operational clinic is run completely by students under the instructor's supervision, providing everything from Swedish, hot stones, prenatal , and deep tissue,  to neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage,  and reflexology.

Career Information

Massage Therapy addresses dysfunction injury and chronic pain associated with soft tissue.  At the same time a therapist can provide luxurious relaxing sessions and competent stress management. A balance of academic knowledge, technical expertise, manual dexterity and ethical concepts prepare massage therapists to practice as health care professionals who are capable of addressing specific health issues and working in conjunction with other health care professionals.

As a career, massage therapy offers great flexibility.  Therapists can work full or part time, and the career offers portability—the skills learned at PTC are marketable anywhere.

Featured Profile

Jennifer Scott, Alumni

Jennifer Scott feels that she has a calling to help people. While working as a licensed insurance agent, she felt she was helping, but she wanted to be more hands-on.

“I was at that point in my life that I was ready to make a life change,” she said.

Scott came to Piedmont Tech and met with a counselor, not knowing what she wanted to do, but looking for a program that was a fit. She was directed to the massage therapy program and met with Michelle Liggett, program coordinator.

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Jennifer Scott

Graduation: August 2010

Massage Therapy

Currently: Piedmont Medical Massage