School of Industrial Technology

Students enrolled in any of the Industrial Technology curricula will gain practical experience and technical knowledge. Well-equipped labs, broad-based programs and hands-on opportunities make the difference in their futures.

Program Offerings

Automotive Technology

If you prefer hands-on instruction to sitting in a classroom and you’re fascinated by anything with an engine, Automotive Technology may be the right career path for you. Our award-winning Automotive Technology department prepares future certified technicians for the challenges of the automotive industry.

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Building Construction Technology

Earnings in construction are higher than the average for all industries according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Piedmont Technical College’s Building Construction Technology program will give you a solid foundation to get started in this rewarding field. Our program offers a comprehensive construction education. Students learn the entire range of residential and light commercial building techniques through hands-on projects both on campus and outside the college community.

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Gunsmiths repair and modify firearms to blueprint and customer specifications. A gunsmith's work calls for many different skills. Gunsmiths must know how to handle and operate a gun. They must also understand the various assembly requirements, such as fitting the action (moving parts) and barrel into the stock (handle or butt end). Carrying out these adjustments calls for skill in stripping the old finish from the barrel and action.

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

One of the fastest-growing service occupations, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning has seen major changes in recent years as the result of a national emphasis on fuel conservation and environmental concerns. Every private residence, business, industry and agency needs the skill of technicians trained in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems.

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Industrial Electronics

Industrial Electronics Technology is a broad program designed to prepare graduates for employment in manufacturing, merchandising, testing, installing, monitoring, modifying and repairing electrical and electronic equipment systems, offering both classroom and hands-on experiences. Practical training provides the experience you’ll need for a successful career in manufacturing.

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Machine Tool Technology

If you take apart anything mechanical—from a car engine to a rifle or a microwave—you’ll find lots of precision-made parts like bearings, crankshafts and more. In fact, most modern technology depends on parts like these to function. In Piedmont Tech’s Machine Tool program, you’ll learn how to create the parts that make modern technology work.

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Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics is a new approach in the United States. It’s a systems approach where you look at the whole system rather than the individual component. Piedmont Technical College offers a comprehensive education in Mechatronics, a field which combines elements of electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, IT, computers and robotics. 




Welding plays a critical role in the strength and durability of everything from cars to heavy industrial machinery to bridges.  In Piedmont Tech’s welding program, you’ll learn to weld in the four main positions on both structured steel and pipe. Hands-on shop work will give you practical experience in repair work on cast iron, silver brazing, soldering, stainless steel and aluminum.

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