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This program is a basic introduction to the construction field.

This certificate includes six Building Construction Technology core classes with one elective. It is designed for the person who only wants the basics of carpentry so they can join the exciting world of construction after only two semesters.

Program Location: Greenwood

Contact Information: Bobby Roche


Required Courses

Additional Program Information


Day Program

BCT 101 Introduction to Building Construction 5.0
BCT 142 Fundamentals of Construction Safety 4.0
BCT 113 Fundamentals of Construction Prints 4.0
BCT 102 Fundamentals of Building Construction 4.0
BCT 131 Estimating Quantity Take-Off 2.0
BCT 212 Construction Methods and Design 3.0
Total Credit Hours: 22.0

Updated 4/8/2012


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement - The purpose of the Carpentry Certificate program is to promote the trade of carpentry through technical instruction and practical “hands-on” experience for the necessary skill development for employment in the field of construction after only two semesters.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform the basic manipulative skills involved in carpentry for residential construction.

  2. Perform the basic manipulative skills in masonry for residential construction.

  3. Perform the basic manipulative skills in residential wiring for residential construction.

  4. Make application and use the underlying theories, technical information and related occupational information to assure sound judgments, decisions, and proper procedures involved in the residential building construction trades of construction trades of carpentry, masonry, and electrical.

  5. Demonstrate the ability to interpret blueprints and technical materials necessary to construct a residential building.

  6. Perform in an acceptable workmanship-like manner in the residential construction trade based recognized building codes (both local and international residential builders’ code).

  7. Estimate and schedule the materials and labor in the building of a residential structure through the framing stages and finish stages.

  8. Demonstrate the ability to perform the majority of tasks assigned in a safe and common sense manner in accordance with established safety standards in the construction industry. (OSHA standards for the construction industry).

  9. Demonstrate the ability to identify entry level procedures and planning processes needed to open and operate a small business in the free enterprise system.


Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Advisement Information

  • All courses for this certificate are also required for the BCT3 associate degree.

  • It is recommended that students take either ENG 165 or MAT 170 as the elective.

  • The BCT8 program requires students to have previous construction experience.  Courses enhance existing management and construction skills.   If possible, have students contact the department head during the initial advisement process.

Updated 4/30/13