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Transient & Non-Degree Seeking

If you plan to take some courses and transfer back to your home institution, you’re a transient student. Or if you just want to take some classes at PTC, but you're not interested in a degree, diploma or certificate, you're a non-degree-seeking student. Choose the option below that best describes you to learn how to enroll.

Transient Students

You are a "transient student" if you are pursuing a degree at another college or university but you choose to take some approved classes at Piedmont Tech. Transient students are not seeking degrees at Piedmont Tech and cannot receive financial aid.

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Non-degree Seeking

Students enrolled in an ADN or PN nursing program at another college and who would like to be considered for transfer into a PTC nursing program should complete the following steps.

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Need help?

Stop by any of our seven campus locations, or just give us a call. The main admissions office is located on the Greenwood Campus.

Room 103BGreenwood CampusPhone: (864) 941-8369

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