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Career Tracks: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology

Government-mandated training makes HVAC a rapidly expanding market.

It is a field that has seen major changes over the past few years as a result of the national emphasis on fuel conservation. Students are given practical training in a well-equipped shop, and outside installation of service projects gives the students on-the-job experience.


Graduates in this field may be required to:

  • install, maintain and repair commercial and residential refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment

  • perform load calculations and estimate jobs

Working Conditions

Graduates in this field commonly experience:

  • environment varies greatly depending on the place of employment (indoors, outdoors, offices, plants)

  • may work alone or cooperatively with others

  • meet scheduling demands (Based on customer needs)

  • work under little direct supervision

  • overtime work sometimes required

  • travel may be involved

Physical Demands

  • overall activity depends on job - may be sedentary (primarily sitting) to very active (walking, lifting, etc.)

  • climbing/balancing

  • from light lifting (20 lbs.) to heavy (70+ lbs.)

Characteristics & Temperament

Graduates in this field should have:

  • good oral and written communication skills

  • ability to follow directions

  • ability to work with inanimate objects (set up and maintain equipment)

  • mechanical reasoning (understand mechanical principles and devices; understand how things work and how to fix them)

  • good motor coordination (hand/eye coordination, accurate and swift movements, finger/manual dexterity)

  • dependability

  • self-discipline

Employment Outlook

Graduates in this field can expect the following developments:

Employers and supporters

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