SC Works

Connecting Job Seekers & Employers 

PTC invites all job seekers to visit the SC Works Center in Room 160B on the Greenwood Campus. Walk-ins are welcome! More information can also be found at

What Does SC Works Offer?

The Center offers the following resources and services:

  • Job listings
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Résumé software
  • Fax and phone access
  • Career planning help
  • Job-seeking books and videos
  • Information about job training and community services
  • Special services for WIA participants

For Additional Information on the Upper Savannah SC Works, go to


Scholarships for WIA Participants

Scholarship opportunities are available in a wide variety of program areas from industrial and engineering technology to business and health care. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be eligible for WIA participation. For more information on these scholarships and how to apply, click here.


Special Services for WIA Participants

The WIA staff provides individual and group assistance to job seekers who are enrolled in the WIA program.   

Special Services include:

  • On-the-job Training Opportunities
  • Job coaching
  • Résumé assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Computer classes
  • WIA scholarship opportunities
  • Paid internships  
  • How to Enroll

Attend one of the weekly information sessions at the SCWorks Center near you.