College Resources

Job Application Tips

The following tips will help you properly and confidently complete a job application.

  • Prepare a personal data sheet of names, addresses and dates of your employers and /or references to use when completing an application.

  • Read over the entire application before you begin so you will not repeat yourself on the form or make mistakes.

  • Whenever possible, pick up a copy of the application before the interview to fill out at your leisure.  Make a copy for practice and then complete the original.

  • Answer every question on the application.  If a question does not apply, write "N/A," meaning not applicable, or draw a line through the space to show you did not overlook the question.  Never say, "see resume" even if your resume includes all the information required on the application.

  • Neatness and accuracy are essential.  Errors could affect your chances, as could a messy form with cross-outs and poor writing.

  • When asked about salary requirements, you may avoid over pricing or under pricing yourself by providing a range, (for example: $7 - $10 per hour) from which you are willing to compromise.  Listing "negotiable" may be acceptable, as long as you know what salary is fair.  (The S.C. Wage Survey and the college's annual placement report in Career Tracks can help you determine a fair starting salary.)

  • Contact all references prior to submitting an application and ask their permission to list their names.

  • Never lie on an application.  Personnel departments can verify salary, job history, grades from school and just about everything on the application.  You could be fired from your new job if the company discovers you were not honest on your application.

  • List all community activities, organizations or college activities that may relate to the position.

  • All work history including part-time and voluntary work should be listed in detail.  Account for all employment gaps. 

  • Be sure to sign and date the application.