American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society

This club is open to all students interested in Chemistry.  The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society Chapter are strongly committed to the celebration and promotion of chemistry education on campus and in the community! Events including lectures, fieldtrips, and the celebration of National Chemistry Week each October are just a few things the chapter offers!

The Student Affiliates are also very active within the community. Through their actions, the Student Affiliates seek to demonstrate the capacity of chemistry to better peoples' lives. In addition to these initiatives, the chapter plans to perform "Magic Shows" for local schools that will hopefully spark the students' interests in the field of science. Sharing the joy of science is, after all, a main goal of the Chapter!  In addition to spreading their love of chemistry to others, the Student Affiliates are eager to learn for themselves! Through these events, members come to realize that an appreciation for chemistry is not just suitable for the sciences, but for life itself!

Club Advisor:

Tracy Wright
(864) 941-8469



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