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Massage Therapy Club

The Massage Therapy Club is a conscientious group of students who have a great social outlet for their favorite profession.  Belonging to a club gives you a good opportunity to ride with different people, experience many concepts of thought, and hang out with people who have similar interests.  You work together as a fun team, come up with ideas that are part of the positive solutions in life.  Everyone gets to share fresh ideas and opinions that engage in colorful feedback.  Also, club members can go on field trips, go to club meetings, and take part in club fundraisers where the money can be utilized for events, special needs, and continued education. The best part of all is, its free, plus, the benefits are long-term, because of all the lives you touch in the process!  Come join the club, and "Put Touch Back Into Health Care!"  



Michelle Liggett
(864) 941-8617