Journey (Title III)

The goal of the Title III grant (Journey), is to improve the retention and graduation rates among at-risk STEM students.

Journey will provide a system of personalized case management, tracking for career counseling, mentoring, Learning Communities, and Individualized Graduation Plans

Journey will provide a system of personalized case management, tracking for career counseling, mentoring, Learning Communities, and Individualized Graduation Plans - assisting students in the realization of their own talents, potential, and skills that will ultimately lead to a successful career.

Over the course of five years, Journey will target a specific population of students with statistically low enrollment and retention rates: those in Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Nursing and Associate in Science programs, as well as students who have not yet decided on a career path.

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The Tools

Each student in the program may be given the following assessments based on their individual needs:

  • Personality Assessments
  • Job Skill Tests
  • Mechanical Aptitude Exams
  • College Student Inventory Assessments
  • Everyday Reasoning Tests
  • Critical Thinking with Belief Tests
  • Strength Finder Assessments

Career Coach

Career Coach is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training. Through a simple keyword search, students and any visitor to the college’s website can learn about the employment prospects of careers they want to research. The real-time information is customized to the college’s geographic region. To get started, click here or the Career Coach icon.

Learn How to Become

If you are a student ready to begin your higher education, or have held many different jobs and want to know how to make the switch to doing what you love, this career guide will be a great resource. Explore career paths at

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Contact Us

Call (864) 941-8356, email a staff member or visit the Student Success Center located at 101A on the Greenwood Campus.

Grant Background

Piedmont Technical College (PTC) is the largest and most diverse technical college district in the state, serving seven South Carolina counties. Providing for a diverse community of educational needs, PTC has received a Strengthening Institutions Title III Grant program to set students on a path to excellence. The project, officially entitled Supporting Opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and dubbed “Journey,” will provide valuable career planning and counseling resources to at-risk students who are particularly vulnerable to failure in college level courses. In an effort to improve the retention and completion rates of the targeted populations, students are introduced to curricula that best fit their strengths, skills, values, and personality types. As a result, students are provided an opportunity to select a major and/or career path in which they will excel. Journey intends to create an Individualized Graduation Plan for each student in the program, providing these students with the necessary tools and information to ensure their success here at PTC. By setting strategic goals and a customized plan, each student has the resources to succeed in a curriculum that best suits them. 

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