Cost & Financial Aid

Refund Policy

Students or appropriate parties may receive refunds of tuition upon withdrawal or reduction of course loads for the portion of the reduction that is below 12 credit hours.

To receive refunds, students must submit Change of Class Schedule forms (during the Drop/Add Period) or the Withdrawal from Class form (after Drop/Add period). The date the form is submitted to college personnel is the date on which the refund is based. Students are considered to be enrolled unless a Change of Class Schedule form is submitted noting which classes are being dropped. Please see the PTC Student Calendar & Handbook or contact the Business Office for refund schedules.

This refund policy applies to all students. Students receiving financial assistance should consult the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing to determine the impact of withdrawals on current term financial aid awards and eligibility in receiving future financial aid.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the Business Office at (864) 941-8322.


Veteran’s Refunds

For certificate and diploma programs, the Veteran’s Administration requires a refund of advance payments of tuition, fees and other charges paid under Title 38 when an eligible veteran fails to attend class, withdraws or drops before the completion of a course, subject to limitations set in VA Regulation 14254 (c) (13). This policy applies only to certificate and diploma programs.