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Tuition Voucher

New and Re-Admit students are eligible to win a free tuition voucher worth up to $2000. Apply for the Spring 2014 term, complete all enrollment requirements and you could be eligible to receive a semester on us.


  • The winner must be a NEW or RE-ADMIT student for Spring Term, 2014.

  • Re-Admit is defined as being out of PTC for 1 full year.

  • The Financial Aid process must be completed, with all required forms turned in.

  • The deadline is January 15, 2014.

  • The winner must be attending class and in good academic standing on February 1st.

  • The winner can be attending any campus or online.

  • The amount of the voucher will be determined by the winner’s county of residence for tuition and fees for 12 credits, at current tuition rates.

  • If the winner has a Pell grant, the cost of tuition and fees will be paid by the Voucher and the student can use the Pell grant for bookstore purchases or the student can receive a refund.

  • If the winner receives Lottery Tuition Assistance, the voucher will cover remaining tuition and fees that are due to the college.

  • Funds remaining on the voucher can be carried forward to future terms. 

  • There is a 1-year expiration date for use of the voucher as long as the student continues enrollment.


Need help?

Stop by any of our seven campus locations, or just give us a call. The main admissions office is located on the Greenwood Campus.

Room 103B, Greenwood Campus | Phone: (864) 941-8369

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