Employee Directory - Admissions

Name Position Phone
Adger, Jalissa Admissions Counselor 864-941-8749
Black, Joshua Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Communications 864-941-8542
Callaham, Tonya Administrative Specialist, Admissions 864-941-8369
Coleman, Steve Director, Genesis Initiatives 864-941-8603
Edwards, Brenda Assistant Director, Admissions 864-941-8791
Floyd, Marilyn Administrative Specialist, Admissions 864-941-8700
Frazier, Renae Dean, Admissions 864-941-8357
Mathis, Jackie Administrative Specialist, Enrollment and Communications 864-941-8541
Orrick, Clorissa Admissions Counselor 864-941-8371
Saxon, Darlene Admissions Counselor 864-941-8574
Stokes, Catherine Processing Center Coordinator 864-941-8370
Wideman, Vernessia Admissions Specialist 864-941-8693