Employee Directory - all

Name Position Phone
Adams, Kendall Program Director/Instructor, Commercial Art 864-941-8474
Adger, Jalissa Assistant Director, Admissions 864-941-8749
Al Attabi, Brittany Instructor, Biology 803-768-8158
Alexander, Angel Instructor, Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8515
Amaker, Tanasha Administrative Specialist, New Student Advising 864-941-8388
Amos, Tony Instructor, Welding 864-682-3702 ext. 2006
Anderson, Kendra Program Director/Instructor, Patient Care 803-768-8152
Andrews, Ann Customer Service/Receptionist, Continuing Education 864-941-8421
Arvazzetti, Leandra Instructor, Art 864-941-8528
Atkinson, Deb Instructor, English 864-941-8456
Aye, Toni Human Resources Specialist 864-941-8327
Baker, Lynn Administrative Specialist, Engineering and Industrial Technologies 864-941-8486
Baldwin, Vickie Program Manager, Computer Skills 864-941-8602
Balentine, Lee Department Head, Associate Degree Health Science Programs; Program Director/Instructor, Radiologic Technology 864-941-8523
Banks, Julie Executive Assistant, Vice President for Business and Finance 864-941-8434
Bannister, Kelly Application Analyst 864-941-8347
Barnette, Martha Banner Special Projects 864-941-8777
Beckom, Mike Instructor, Commercial Art 864-941-8544
Bentley, Karen Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable 864-941-8415
Benton, Tonia Instructor, English 864-941-8459
Black, Joshua Vice President, Student Affairs and Communications 864-941-8542
Blakely, Dan Instructor/Training Coordinator II, Continuing Education 864-682-3702 ext. 2001
Boone, Ashley Academic Services 803-276-9000 Ext. 8163
Boone, Laura Program Director/Instructor, Cardiovascular Technology (Adult Echocardiography) 864-941-8717
Bouknight, Travis Instructor, College Preparatory and Transitional Mathematics; Transitional Mathematics Lead 864-941-8743
Bowen, Chuck Systems Support Technician 864-941-8789
Bradham, Begona Instructor, Chemistry and Biology 864-941-8469
Brooks, Ray President 864-941-8301
Broome, Kimberly Systems Support Technician 864-941-8597
Brown, Alesia Associate Vice President, Human Resources 864-941-8611
Brown, Cole Systems Support Technician 864-941-8424
Brown, Donna Instructor, Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8482
Brown, Jac'Kel Lab Specialist, Funeral Services 864-941-8661
Brown, Joyce Instructor, College Preparatory and Transitional Reading; Coordinator, College Skills 864-941-8727
Brown, Menka Department Head, Business/Administrative Office Technology; Instructor, Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8343
Brown, Meredith Instructor, Psychology 864-941-8573
Brown, Michael D. Campus Police Officer 864-941-8443
Buis, Trish Training Coordinator 864-941-8420
Buist, Ruthie Program Director/Veterinarian/Instructor, Veterinary Technology 803-768-8162
Burden, Heather Instructor, English 864-941-8667
Burnett, Todd Trade Specialist IV 864-941-8583
Burton, Kassie Program Manager, Professional Development, Leadership & Communication 864-941-8575
Burton, Sandra Counselor, Student Support Services 864-941-8650
Bush, Andrew Director, Enterprise Infrastructure 864-941-8344
Byrd, Kristi Program Director/Instructor, Human Services 864-941-8503
Calhoun, Phillip Program Director/Instructor, Machine Tool Technology 864-682-3702 ext. 2008
Callaham, Tonya Data Coordinator 864-941-8392
Campen, Darrin Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Off Campus 864-941-8303
Capone, Jerry Program Director/Instructor, Gunsmithing 864-941-8753
Carelock, Amanda Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8354
Carl, Bryan Instructor, Biology 864-941-8606
Carpenter, Dee Instructor, Human Services 864-941-8522
Carter, Katherine Administrative Specialist, Dual Enrollment 864-941-8315
Casey, Lauren Graphic Designer 864-941-8581
Chalmers, Kim Financial Aid Outreach Counselor 864-941-8665
Chapman, Carlotta Interim Department Chair, College Preparatory and Transitional English 864-941-8497
Chappell, Caroline Grants Administrator 864-941-8742
Chappelle, Aurielle Administrative Assistant, Business and Finance Offices 864-941-8734
Cheek, Bill Instructor, Computer Technology 864-941-8747
Childs, Paige Vice President, Business, Finance & Facilities Management 864-941-8688
Christian, Ginger Payroll Specialist 864-941-8633
Clinkscales, Angela Administrative Specialist, Abbeville County Campus 864-446-8324
Cochran, Melanie Staff Accountant 864-941-8320
Cockrell, Bill Program Director/Instructor, HVAC 864-941-8473
Cody, Philip Director, Student Support Services 864-941-8697
Coleman, Steve Director, Genesis Initiatives 864-941-8603
Collins, Jason Director, IT Applications 864-941-8311
Cooke, Sally Executive Assistant, President's Office 864-941-8302
Cooper, Lori Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8531
Cox, Kimberly Grants Accountant 864-941-8318
Crawford, Anna Student Records Coordinator 864-941-8799
Crawford, Deke Building and Grounds Support 864-941-8460
Crawford, Lisa Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8463
Crisp, Jeffery Director, Campus Police and Security 864-941-8568
Crocker, Jeromy Assistant Controller 864-941-8728
Dailey, Brenda Counselor, Student Disability Services 864-941-8378
Daniel, Meredith Head Librarian 864-941-8442
Davis, Holly Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8538
Davis, Toya Benefits Counselor 864-941-8784
Delgado, Eric Veterans Counselor 864-941-8358
Denning, Rusty Associate Vice President, Economic Development and Continuing Education | Interim Dean, Engineering & Industrial Technology 864-941-8417
DeVore, Ashley Systems Support Technician 864-941-8705
DiBari, Kim Student Records Specialist 864-941-8694
Dudley, Laura Development Coordinator 864-941-8305
Duncan, Chevy Financial Aid Counselor (R-Z) 864-941-8550
Dunn, Sarah Instructor, Biology 864-941-8455
Dye, Carolynn Admissions Specialist 864-941-8371
Easler, Kim Administrative Assistant, Health Care 864-941-8504
Ecker, Henry Instructor, Computer Technology 864-941-8746
Edwards, Brenda Associate Director, Dual Enrollment 864-941-8352
Edwards, Claudia Program Director/Instructor, Early Care and Education 864-941-8448
Edwards, John Instructor, Physics 864-941-8462
Elmore, Pleshette Director, McCormick County Campus/Abbeville County Campus 864-852-3191
Emory, Sid Systems Support Technician 864-941-8620
England, Amy Instructor, English 864-941-8452
Entrekin, Melissa Instructor, Veterinary Technology 803-768-8197
Estep, Jessie Business Analyst 864-941-8712
Estridge, Roger Instructor, Diversified Agriculture 864-445-3144
Evans, Rose Research Specialist, Student Success Center 864-941-8692
Feld, Dorothy Day PEN Monitor, Laurens County Campus 864-938-1500
Fewox, Keli Vice President, Academic Affairs 864-941-8307
Fisher, Eric Systems Support Manager 864-941-8517
Fleming, Jennifer Executive Assistant, Vice President for Student Affairs and Communications 864-941-8359
Floyd, Marilyn Administrative Specialist, Admissions 864-941-8700
Foster, Donna Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance 864-941-8430
Frazier, Renae Dean, Admissions 864-941-8357
Fuller, Nicole County Campus CARE Plan Advisor 864-938-1518
Gaillard, Miranda Department Head/Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8534
Galaviz Echagaray, Ana Instructor, Spanish 864-941-8673
Gantt, Dedrick Instructor, Funeral Service Education 864-941-8521
Garcia, Patsy Administrative Specialist, Student Success Center 864-941-8356
George, Sam Mechatronics Instructor 864-941-8355
Gilliam, Karla Dean, Curriculum and Online Learning 864-941-8629
Gilliland, Garrett Instructor, Welding 864-941-8501
Gonce, Tara Dean, Health Care 864-941-8525
Graham, Bonnie Testing and Tutoring Coordinator 864-941-8435
Greenhough, Jessi Financial Aid Counselor (F-J) 864-941-8375
Greenwell, Daniel Program Director, Horticulture and Agriculture; Instructor, Horticulture 864-941-8671
Griffin, Joel Assistant Vice President, Information Technology 864-941-8553
Hahn, Alice Accounts Payable Accountant 864-941-8312
Hamby, Debbie Administrative Assistant, Campus Police and Security 864-941-8563
Hartvigsen, Kristine Public Information Coordinator 864-941-8540
Hawthorne, Eric Director, Information Technology Support 864-941-8524
Hawthorne, Kimberly Manager, Campus Shop (Barnes and Noble) 864-941-8556
Hawthorne, Marcus Electrician/Maintenance, Trades Specialist IV 864-941-8593
Haynes, Tammy Academic Success Coach 864-941-8510
Heath, Susan Area Director, readySC, CATT 864-941-8404
Hendricks, Susan Career Counselor 864-941-8345
Henry, David Department Head, Science; Instructor, Biology 864-941-8570
Henthorn, Katie Videographer 864-941-8330
Herring Jr., Robert Events Specialist 864-941-8411
Higgins, Ben Conference Center Administrator 864-941-8408
Hill, Tymeshia Counselor, Student Support Services 864-941-8638
Hollamon, Laura Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, OTA 803-768-8189
Hudson, Shawn Assistant Director, Financial Aid 864-941-8662
Hudson, Steven Paramedic Lead Instructor 864-941-8785
Hughes, Wendy Controller 864-941-8317
Hull, Rhonda Instructor, Early Care and Education 864-941-8507
Husbands, Rosie Instructor, College Preparatory and Transitional Mathematics 803-768-8170
Jackson, Amelia Student Life Coordinator 864-941-8545
Jackson, Christi Financial Aid Specialist 864-941-8316
Jackson, Lisa Instructor, College Preparatory and Transitional Mathematics 864-941-8309
Jackson, Pamela Instructor, Biology 864-938-1505 ext. 211
Jaeger, Beth Director, Newberry County Campus 803-768-8140
Jenkins, LaKeya Department Chair, English 864-941-8609
Johns, Jenney Statistical Research Analyst 864-941-8543
Jones, David Life Safety/Maintenance, Trades Specialist V 864-941-8337
Jones, Linda Clerical Specialist, McCormick County Campus 864-852-3191
Judy, Rick Coordinator/Instructor, Developmental/Transitional Mathematics 864-941-8772
Kibler, David Instructor, HVAC 864-941-8475
Killian, Curtis Campus Police Officer 864-941-8631
King, Bill Instructor, Automotive Technology 864-941-8498
King, Reginald Distribution Clerk 864-941-8342
Kinney, Susan Program Director/Instructor, Surgical Technology; Department Head, Health Care Certificates/Diploma Programs 864-941-8535
Klauck, Cindy Dean, Counseling and Career Planning 864-941-8685
Knight, Christina Coordinator/Instructor, Engineering Design Technology 864-941-8483
Ladd, Jim Program Director/Instructor, Welding 864-941-8710
Lanford, Lisa Evening Help Desk Coordinator 864-941-8398
Larson, Karen Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8637
Lee, Toni Environmental Services 864-941-8332
Leopard, Kayla Circulation & Serials Manager 864-941-8577
Ligon, Lebbie Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8406
Lindsay, Joshua Dean, Business, Information Technology and Public Service | Interim Dean, Arts & Sciences 864-941-8681
Littlefield IV, John Instructor, Gunsmithing 864-941-8471
Long, Dana Instructor, Radiologic Technology 864-941-8587
Lopes, Jennifer Department Head, Humanities; Instructor, Spanish; and QEP Director 864-941-8732
Luke, Kathryn New Student Advisor (part-time) 864-941-8382
Lytch, Don Instructor, Machine Tool Technology 864-941-8472
Maffett, Joel Vehicle Mechanic/Maintenance, Trades Specialist III 864-941-8560
Maffett, Sheryl New Student Advisor 864-941-8616
Mandau, Richard Instructor, Accounting/Business 803-768-8156
Martin, Christopher Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care 864-941-8326
Martin, David Program Director/Instructor, Funeral Service Education 864-941-8506
Martin, Hope Admissions Counselor 864-941-8791
Martin, Kristi Business Analyst 864-941-8539
Martin, Lisa Dean, Instructional Development and Academic Support 864-941-8393
Martin, Russell Director, Marketing and Public Relations 864-941-8669
Maston, Cecelia Clerical Specialist, McCormick County Campus 864-852-3191
Mathis, Jackie Marketing Coordinator, Marketing and Public Relations 864-941-8541
Mayo, Craig Maintenance Supervisor 864-941-8335
McAlister, Kara Instructor, Accounting/Business 864-941-8634
McCallum, Deborah Program Director/Instructor, Medical Assisting 864-941-8464
McDade, Steven Health Care Program Manager 864-941-8426
McDaniel, Kenneth Instructor, Building Construction Technology 864-941-8699
McKenna, Brian Procurement Officer 864-941-8314
Miles, Lakeisha Clerical Specialist, Edgefield County Campus 803-637-5388
Miles, Wayne Instructor, Mechatronics Technology 864-941-8399
Miller, Alexander Instructor, Philosophy 864-941-8658
Mills, Paige Director, Laurens County Campus 864-938-1503
Moates, Tisha Administrative Specialist, Newberry County Campus 803-768-8183
Moore, Andrew Speech/Communications Instructor 864-941-8451
Moore, Beth Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable 864-941-8323
Moore, Kevin Instructor, Mechatronics Technology 803-768-8181
Morgan, DeShawn Financial Aid Counselor (K-Q) / Workstudy 864-941-8549
Morrison, Sara Technical Services Librarian 864-941-8793
Morton, David Maintenance, Trades Specialist IV 864-941-8588
Moton, Belinda Administrative Specialist, Student Support Services & Student Support Services-Veterans 864-941-8385
Mullet, Angela Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable 864-941-8427
Murray, Suzy Instructor, Business/Management 864-941-8445
Niles, Tanya Instructor, Veterinary Technology 803-768-8161
O'Dell, Sara Program Director/Instructor, Occupational Therapy Assistant 803-768-8188
Oliver, Coronicca Interim Program Director, Information Technology; Instructor, Computer Technology 864-941-8413
Ouzts, Katina Administrative Assistant 864-941-8319
Paguntalan, Carol Director, Academic Advising 864-941-8679
Papleacos, Spiros Instructor, English 864-938-1510
Parris, Matthew Systems Support Technician 864-941-8569
Patel, Maulik Instructor, Electronic Engineering Technology 864-941-8532
Paysinger, Erin Customer Service Administrator 864-941-8401
Pearson, Jay Adam Program Director, Building Construction Technology 864-941-8465
Perry, Missy Director, Financial Aid 864-941-8666
Perry, Paula Human Resources Specialist - Recruiting 864-941-8726
Perry, Ronnie Enrollment Center Specialist 864-941-8817
Phelps, Jeffrey Trades Specialist IV 864-941-8588
Piggott, Ann Program Director/Instructor, Respiratory Care 864-941-8533
Pittman, Crystal Senior Accountant, Business Office 864-941-8328
Poss, Jordan Instructor, History 864-941-8654
Potts, Greg Systems Programmer 864-941-8396
Powell, Karen Student Records Specialist 864-941-8362
Rappley-Sayles, Deidre Administrative Assistant, Business Information Technologies & Public Service 864-941-8729
Rhinehart, Michael HVAC Technician/Maintenance, Trades Specialist IV 864-941-8338
Riley, Madeline Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8619
Rincon, Fernando Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8461
Rodgers, Kendra Systems Programmer 864-941-8349
Rogers, Adrian Admissions Counselor 864-941-8574
Rosenbaum, David Associate Dean of Students 864-941-8377
Ryans, Jerry Instructor, Radiologic Technology 864-941-8383
Sams, Carroll Training Development Director I, Continuing Education 864-941-8409
Sargeant, Cami Instructor, History 864-941-8458
Sartin, Gerald Program Director/Instructor, Automotive Technology 864-941-8468
Saxon, Sharon CARE Plan Advisor 864-941-8422
Scott, Allison Administrative Assistant, College Preparatory and Transitional Studies 864-941-8353
Scott, Carla College Receptionist 864-941-8324
Scott, Lena Instructor, Cardiovascular Technology (Invasive) 864-941-8618
Sells, Tamatha Dean of Student Services 864-941-8363
Shelton-Benson, Ryan Veterans Services Coordinator 864-941-8657
Shock, Eden Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8720
Shull, Wanda Advisor/Administrative Specialist, Saluda County Campus 864-445-3144 ext. 3106
Simpson, Hope Administrative Coordinator I 864-941-8649
Skawski, Susan Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8790
Slater, Lynn Executive Assistant, Vice President for Academic Affairs 864-941-8308
Sloan, John Program Director/Instructor, Criminal Justice 864-941-8758
Smith, Courtney Instructor, Criminal Justice 864-941-8484
Smith, Deborah Administrative Specialist, Laurens County Campus 864-938-1505
Smith, Gregg Information Technology Support Technician 864-941-8444
Smith, Zachary HVAC Technician 864-941-8584
Soppe, Rebecca Instructor, English 864-941-8580
Sprouse, Clay Program Director/Instructor, Pharmacy Technology 864-941-8527
Staley-Abney, Nita Department Head, Social Sciences; Instructor, Psychology 864-941-8554
Stewart, Tycie Financial Aid Counselor (A-E) 864-941-8546
Stokes, Catherine Admissions Counselor 864-941-8370
Stroud, Jennifer Administrative Coordinator, Information Technology 864-941-8644
Studdard, Steven Interim Department Head/Instructor, Mathematics 864-938-1515 or 864-941-8672
Suber, Amy Payroll Specialist, Human Resources 864-941-8733
Tant, Corey Account Manager, The BUDD Group 864-941-8786
Taylor, Sherry Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8423
Taylor, Suzy Administrative Specialist, CARE Planning Center 864-941-8651
Teague, Chad Director, Facilities Management 864-941-8479
Terry, Catherine Instructor, Sociology 864-941-8552
Thompson, Hunter Inventory Manager 864-941-8334
Thompson, Lenette Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, Surgical Technology 864-941-8516
Thrasher, Bill Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology 864-941-8410
Todd, Charles Instructor, Mechatronics 864-941-8348
Toland, Lisa Dean, Off Campus Academic Affairs 803-768-8157
Vancil, Will Database Administrator 864-941-8511
Vaughn, Bryan Move Coordinator/Maintenance, Trades Specialist IV 864-941-8779
Vaughn, Mary Anne Instructor, Nursing 864-941-8778
Warner, Grace Life Scholarship/Regional Scholarship 864-941-8366
Wheeler, Phillip Maintenance Director, Facilities Management 864-941-8333
White, Jason Instructor, Electronic Engineering Technology 864-941-8477
White, Michael Instructor/Training Coordinator II, Continuing Education 864-941-8310
Wideman, Tameika Registrar 864-941-8364
Wideman, Vernessia Admissions Specialist 864-941-8693
Wiley, Fran Associate Vice President for Development, Piedmont Technical College Foundation 864-941-8351
Wilkie, Nancy Administrative Specialist, Funeral Service 864-941-8774
Wilkie, Wanda Administrative Specialist, Financial Aid 864-941-8368
Willis, Miriam New Student Advisor 864-941-8698
Wills-Miller, Victoria (Tory) Instructor, Economics 864-941-8641
Wilson, Elizabeth Instructor, Nursing; SIMS Lab Coordinator 864-941-8548
Wilson-Black, Gizele Instructor, Accounting 864-941-8643
Xiao, Jidong Instructor, Mechatronics Technology 864-941-8467