Supporting Our Students

College is a second home for many of our students, and during this pandemic, the Piedmont Technical College (PTC) Foundation understands that some students may have new academic concerns, and may have issues with basic necessities like paying for food, rent, and childcare as their incomes are compromised by business shutdowns. 

In response, the Foundation has created the new Supporting Our Students (SOS) Fund to help.

Who is eligible?

Recipients must be current students with sufficient need, who are in good academic standing and meeting SAP requirements. Interested students will need to fill out an online application to request funds. If approved, the student will receive one-time access to assistance.

How do I apply?

To apply, click the button below. Once you have completed the application, allow at least 24 hours for processing as our offices are currently working remotely. 

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How can I contribute to the fund?

The SOS Fund can begin distributions to students in need immediately. However, the PTC Foundation also welcomes public and private contributions specifically to this fund.  Those wishing to donate to the SOS Fund may do so through the colleges online giving form.

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