Funeral Director's Certificate

This academic program is designed to meet specific state or professional needs, and is designed for persons wanting to obtain a South Carolina Funeral Directors' License only.  The ideal student in this certificate is already employed at a funeral home and has completed, or is currently working to complete his or her apprenticeship.

Students requiring an ABFSE-accredited program should enroll in the associate degree track.

A major requirement for the South Carolina Funeral Directors' License states the following: The student must already possess a bachelor's degree, or have successfully completed sixty (60) semester hours at a regionally accredited college or university, including a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester hours divided among at least four (4) of the following areas: (1) Psychological Sciences; (2) Business; (3) English; (4) Natural/Biological Science; (5) Religion. See the South Carolina State Board of Funeral Service Statutes and Regulations for complete details of the requirements.

With all requirements met, the student should be knowledgeable in basic funeral service skills and eligible to sit for the South Carolina Funeral Directors' Exam.

The Funeral Service Education program at Piedmont Technical College accepts out-of-state students in its Funeral Director’s Certificate only program. By acceptance into this program, it does not guarantee or imply that it meets educational and licensure requirements for another state. If you live outside the state of South Carolina, please contact your state board of funeral service of the state in which you plan to pursue licensure. The educational and licensure requirements vary from state to state.  It is your responsibility to contact the applicable state board in which you plan to pursue licensure. To learn more about licensing requirements click here to view the National Funeral Directors Association’s licensing boards and requirements for all 50 states. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office for more information at (864)941-8774.  

This certificate is not accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Students graduating from this program are not eligible to take the National Board Examination, or any state Board Examination for which graduation from an ABFSE accredited program is required.

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Required Courses

Courses   Credit Hours
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 3.0
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers 3.0
FSE 101 Introduction to Funeral Service 2.0
FSE 165 Sociology of Funeral Service 2.0
FSE 205 Funeral Counseling 3.0
FSE 210 Funeral Service Management and Merchandising I 3.0
FSE 215 Funeral Services Directing 3.0
FSE 220 Regulatory Compliance 3.0
MGT 120 Small Business Management 3.0
Subtotal   25.0
Total Credit Hours 25.0


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Funeral Service Education Certificate is to educate and prepare individuals not only to contribute to the funeral service profession, but also the community in which they serve.  We strive to give students the knowledge, principles, and skills which are essential to become a funeral director.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

​2.1.1  Explain the importance of funeral service professionals in developing relationships with the families and communities they serve.

2.1.2  Identify standards of ethical conduct in funeral service practice.

2.1.3  Interpret how federal, state, and local laws apply to funeral service in order to ensure compliance. 

2.1.4  Apply principles of public health and safety in the handling and preparation of human remains.

2.1.5  Demonstrate technical skills in embalming and restorative art that are necessary for the preparation and handling of human remains.

2.1.6   Demonstrate skills required for conducting arrangement conferences, visitations, services, and ceremonies.

2.1.7   Describe the requirements and procedures for burial, cremation, and other accepted forms of final disposition of human remains.

2.1.8    Describe methods to address the grief-related needs of the bereaved.

2.1.9    Explain management skills associated with operating a funeral establishment.

2.1.10  Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills and research skills needed for funeral service practice.

Advisement Information

Program Notes

This academic program is designed to meet specific state or professional needs. It is not accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Students graduating from this program are not eligible to take the National Board examination, or any state board examination for which graduation from an ABFSE accredited program is required.

The courses in this program will prepare students to take the SC Funeral Directors' Exam. North Carolina also accepts this certificate. Other states may accept this certificate. Potential students should check with other states before enrolling, if they plan to work there. 

All certificate courses are offered online.

If placement test scores determine that a student is not ready to take college-level courses, he or she should enroll in the appropriate developmental or transitional coursework.  All of these prerequisite courses may not be available online.

Excellent reading comprehension, communication and critical thinking skills are vital for program success and for passing any State Examining Board licensing exams.

FSE students must complete all General Education and FSE courses with grades of “C” or better. Students may repeat FSE courses one time to achieve a grade of “C" or better.

All transfer courses from another mortuary college will need to be approved by the PTC Funeral Service Education department.

Students will not be registered into any FSE courses within 10 business days of the start of any semester, unless all their paperwork is complete.

Students must either have completed their apprenticeship or in the process of completing their apprenticeship in order to take any South Carolina licensure exam. 

Graduation Plans

2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021 Semester-by-Semester Graduation Plans

Funeral Director's Certificate (FSE7) - Fall Start
Funeral Director's Certificate (FSE7) - Spring Start

NOTE: For the Fall 2020 semester, all FSE classes have been filled. Advisors should direct students to take ACC 101, CPT 101, and MGT 120 (or RDG 100, if required) for the first semester. For more information, please contact David Martin, Nancy Wilkie, or Dedrick Gantt.


You can find the name of your assigned academic advisor by reviewing Degree Works or your Class Schedule. To learn more about advising visit the Advising webpage.

Contact Department Head David Martin or Dedrick Gantt for more information about the Funeral Service Certificate.

You may also contact Nancy Wilkie for information about this program.  

Please email if this advising guide needs corrections or updates.

Advisement information updated/reviewed 4/2020