Health Care Certificate - Veterinary Technology Track

Students completing this certificate will gain a skillset allowing them to work in a number of patient care related occupations. This track is designed to prepare students for application into PTC’s Patient Care Technology program.

Specific details about courses required for application, minimum GPA and other requirements can be found in the information prior to the Patient Care Technology program outline.


Required Courses

Day  or Evening Program

BIO 102 Biological Science II 4.0
ENG 101 English Composition I 3.0
MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra 3.0
PSY 201 General Psychology 3.0
Subtotal   13.0
AHS 102 Medical Terminology 3.0
AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1.0
AHS 155 Special Topics in Health Care 3.0
Choose eight (8) credits from:  
BIO 115 Basic Microbiology 3.0
AHS 154 Culture and Wellness 1.0
AHS 161 Introduction to Health Careers 1.0
AHS 170 Fundamentals of Disease 3.0
AHS 205 Ethics and Law for Allied Health Professions 3.0
Choose six (6) credits from:  Credit Hours
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers  3.0
SPC 205 Speech Communications  3.0
  Elective Humanities/Fine Arts 3.0
Subtotal   21.0
Total Credit Hours   34.0

NOTE: This Health Care Certificate is a variation of the Health Care Certificate (HCC7) which has been tailored to incorporate the specific program-ready and general education coursework needed for the Veterinary Technology program.

Updated 3/31/2017


Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Advisement Information

Program information

  • Students who are planning to pursue a Degree in Veterinary Technician Technology will start their education in the Certificate program.
  • Note that not all of the classes required to complete the Health Care Certificate are required for the Degree in Veterinary Technician Technology. (The certificate does not have to be completed to move to the associate program.)
  • Click here for information about the Veterinary Technician Technology Degree.  Note that program classes are held at PTC's Newberry Campus.

Notes about individual classes

  • The English required for this program is ENG 101.  Students will follow this progression, with their starting point being determined by their placement test scores:  ENG 032/012 and/or RDG 032/012 (or RWR 032/012) > ENG 100 and/or RDG 100 (or RWR 100) > ENG 101.
  • The math required for this program is MAT 102.  Students will follow this progression, with their starting point being determined by their placement test scores:  MAT 032/012 > MAT 152 or MAT 101 > MAT 102.
  • Developmental and transitional classes, if needed, should be taken first.


  • You can find the name of your assigned academic advisor by reviewing Degree Works, your Class Schedule, or by visiting the Advising webpage.
  • Ruthie Buist is the Program Director of the Medical Assisting programs.
  • You may also contact Tanya Niles or Quenithia White for information about this program.
  • Please email if this Advising Guide needs to be corrected or updated.

Advisement Information updated 8/2017.