Horticulture Landscape Management

Piedmont Technical College offers a Horticulture Landscape Management certificate which may be combined with core courses for eligibility for an Associate in Applied Science, major in Horticulture Technology.

Graduates of the landscape management program may pursue careers in professional turf and ornamental plant establishment or maintenance of functional, recreational and aesthetic landscapes. This certificate equips students with the latest horticultural technologies and valuable hands-on experience. Subject matter includes plant species identification and growth requirements, soil managment, pest control, and landscape management. 

Required Courses

Courses Credit Hours
BUS 101 Introduction to Business
or ACC 101 Accounting Principles I
or AGR 209 Introduction to Agricultural Marketing
CWE 101 Cooperative Work Experience Preparation 1.0
FOR 104 Introduction to Environmental & Natural Resources 1.0
HRT 105 Landscape Plant Materials 4.0
HRT 144 Plant Pests
or AGR 205 Pest Management
HRT 230 Greenhouse Technology 4.0
HRT 253 Landscape Installation 4.0
TUF 172 Turfgrass Management I 3.0
Subtotal 23.0
Total Credit Hours 23.0

Updated 4/3/2017


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Horticulture Landscape Management is to equip students with the latest horticulture technologies and valuable hands-on experience needed to pursue careers in professional turf and ornamental plant establishment or maintenance of functional, recreational, and aesthetic uses.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

1.  Complete a landscaping project including assimilation of existing conditions and implementation of improvements.

2.  Demonstrate knowledge of methods, materials, equipment, tools and labor resources necessary for proper implementation and maintenance of landscapes.

3.  Apply classroom theory and practical hands on experience to be effective in the field of horticulture and/or turfgrass after graduation.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to identify plant material, understand cultural requirements and knowledge of providing a proper environment for them to grow.

5.  Demonstrate proper plant selection and maintenance thereof for landscapes and turfgrass.

6.  Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with others and ability to perform effectively in the workplace.


Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosures


Advisement Information

Program notes

  • The best time to start this program is fall.  Advise for general education or developmental courses if students start any other semester.  If student starts in the fall, developmental or transitional classes can be scheduled around program classes, and program classes should be taken as they appear in the academic catalog.
  • Every course in the HRT7 certificate applies toward the Associate in Applied Science - Major in Horticulture Technology degree.

Notes about individual classes

  • Please note that the following classes are offered in the fall semester at the Greenwood campus: FOR 104, HRT 101, HRT 253, and HRT 105.  The following classes are offered in the fall semester at the Saluda campus:  FOR 104. The following classes are offered in the spring at the Greenwood campus: HRT 144 and HRT 230.  

Semester-by-semester graduation plan

Horticulture Landscape Management (HRT7) - Fall Start
Horticulture Landscape Management (HRT7) - Spring Start
Horticulture Landscape Management (HRT7) - Summer Start


  • You can find the name of your assigned academic advisor by reviewing Degree Works, your Class Schedule, or by visiting the Advising webpage.
  • Contact Program Director Daniel Greenwell for more information.
  • Please e-mail advising@ptc.edu if this Advising Guide needs to be corrected or updated.

Advisement Information updated/reviewed 9/2018.