School of Industrial Technology

Students enrolled in any of the Industrial Technology curricula will gain practical experience and technical knowledge. Well-equipped labs, broad-based programs and hands-on opportunities make the difference in their futures.

Piedmont Technical College's nationally recognized Automotive Technology program prepares future certified technicians for the challenges of the automotive industry. The specialized training you’ll receive in the automotive program will prepare you to become an ASE certified technician, a credential that can provide greater earning potential through demonstrating your expertise in the field.

Piedmont Technical Colleges Building Construction Technology program will give you a solid foundation to get started in this rewarding field.

In Piedmont Technical College's Gunsmithing Program, you'll learn the skills you need to be a professional Gunsmith. The Gunsmithing program consists of an introductory and an advanced certificate and is the only one of its kind in South Carolina.

In Piedmont Technical College's Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (HVAC) program, you’ll learn to diagnose and repair malfunctions; size, fabricate and install air duct systems; and estimate cooling and heating loads for selection of the most efficient systems for a given building. Practical training in a well-equipped shop and outside installation of service projects will give you the on-the-job experience you’ll need to get started in the HVAC industry after graduation.

The skills taught in the machine tool program are in constant demand in our region, and all over the country. Graduates will find that their employment prospects are excellent. You’ll get a full introduction to the field and practical experience in machining operations used in practically every manufacturing industry.

Piedmont Technical College's Mechatronics program offers a comprehensive education that combines elements of electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, IT, computers and robotics. With instruction in Mechatronics, you’ll be prepared for the modern, automated workforce.

Welding plays a critical role in the strength and durability of everything from cars to heavy industrial machinery to bridges. In Piedmont Tech’s welding program, you’ll learn to weld in the four main positions on both structured steel and pipe.