Career Tracks: Associate Degree Nursing

The ADN program at Piedmont Technical College prepares the graduate to take the licensing examination, NCLEX-RN, to become a registered nurse.

The program emphasizes competence in knowledge and technical skills, a caring attitude and professionalism in the health care setting. The registered nurse manages client care and collaborates with other health care professionals to promote wellness.


Registered nurses may be required to:

  • assess patients
  • identify nursing problems
  • plan and implement care
  • evaluate effectiveness of care
  • record patients' conditions and reactions to treatments
  • administer medications and perform treatments
  • provide teaching to promote and restore health

Working Conditions

Registered nurses commonly experience:

  • work in doctors' offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, industry, homes and community settings
  • work in cooperation with others
  • work under little supervision
  • work under stress
  • keep very busy
  • considerable paperwork and computer skills required
  • overtime sometimes required
  • work various shift schedules and hours including weekends and holidays

Physical Demands

  • active (much walking, standing, carrying)
  • lifting required (up to very heavy - 100+ lbs.)
  • good vision and hearing

Characteristics & Temperament

Registered nurses should have:

  • excellent oral and written communication skills
  • ability to work with people
  • deal effectively with cultural diversity
  • patience/tolerance
  • caring, positive attitude
  • flexibility - ability to deal with change
  • ability to prioritize/perform multiple tasks/skills
  • critical thinking
  • mechanical reasoning - understand how to set up machines, operate them and fix them
  • preciseness
  • ability to be responsible/take initiative/have self-discipline
  • ability to follow directions
  • ability to react quickly
  • ability to reason, make good judgments and decisions
  • ability to perform mathematical functions quickly and accurately
  • ability to record information accurately/proofread
  • attention to details
  • good motor coordination (hand/eye coordination, accurate and swift movements, manual dexterity)

Employment Outlook

Employment statistics for 2015 - 2017 PTC graduates, who found jobs in this field, are as follows:

  • salary averages according to the US Department of Labor for nursing careers may be viewed at:
  • 97% placement rate for 2015 - 2017 graduates
  • employment in cities and towns of all sizes
  • with continued certification courses, nurse may specialize
  • experience may lead to advancement as a supervisor or other leadership roles
  • opportunity to pursue higher education


Some recent graduates have found work at:


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