Career Tracks: Early Care & Education

Graduates completing the degree in Early Care and Education will receive comprehensive training of the necessary skills and responsibilities for implementing quality preschool programming.

The course work will provide students the opportunity to develop an understanding of young children's social, emotional, and mental development. This program is designed to prepare future employees as well as enhance the skills of those already working in childcare settings. Completion of this degree will qualify students for entry level positions in early childhood settings that serve children, birth to 8, and their families.


Graduates in this field may be required to:

  •  plan and prepare a lesson plan
  • implement the activities of a lesson plan
  • provide for the physical needs of children and perform routine functions for children, such as feeding, diapering, etc.
  •  communicate with parents, staff and children
  • provide for the social / emotional needs of children
  • maintain an appropriate classroom management
  • supervise and guide groups of children
  • provide for the safety of groups of children
  • follow a routine of schedules activities for groups of children
  •  implement emergency procedures and administer first aid, including CPR

Working Conditions

  • Graduates in this field commonly experience:
  • both inside and outside school environment
  • bright and cheerful classrooms
  • noisy (young children!)
  • work in cooperation with others
  • work under direct supervision
  • possibly some travel transporting children

Physical Demands

The position of childcare attendant has been given a strength rating of medium by the U.S. Dictionary of Occupational titles. Included in the physical requirements are the handling, lifting, carrying, and positioning of children manually into strollers, walkers, moveable cribs, high chairs, infant seats, and infant swings. When performing these functions, weight will vary according to the age and weight of each child. Positions also include intermittent sitting in adult and child size chairs, sitting on the floor and rising from the floor, standing, walking, possibly running, frequent reaching and lifting, carrying, and bending, and possible use of an exposure to antibacterial cleaning solutions, and exposure to weather elements. Both hands are used to handle children and objects. Use of booth feet is required to move children and objects. 

Additional Requirements

The student must undergo a South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division records check, provide a current TB test results, complete a Department of Social Services letter of non-conviction form and undergo a health assessment when entering the Early Childhood Development program.

Characteristics & Temperament

Graduates in this field should have:

  • excellent oral communication skills
  • good written communication skills
  • ability to work cooperatively with children and adults
  • ability to work well with children of different ability levels
  • ability to work well with children
  • ability to follow directions / "catch on" quickly
  • ability to explain concepts
  • positive attitude
  • patience, consistency and sensitivity to others' feeling
  • ability to be responsible and dependable
  • good motor coordination (hand / eye coordination, swift and accurate movements, finger / manual dexterity)
  • good social skills (interact with people)
  • ability to change from one task to another without loss of composure or effectiveness
  • ability to set limits and enforce them (discipline)
  • self-discipline / self-motivation
  • ability to make generalizations, evaluations, decisions
  • have patience
  • have compassion
  • mature judgment
  • a sense of humor
  • love children

Employment Outlook

Graduates in this field can expect the following developments:

Further education leads to employment advancement. Entry level positions: teacher's assistant, teacher or associate teacher in child development, child care giver, director of day care center.


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