Career Tracks: Medical Assisting

The medical assisting curriculum prepares a multi-skilled student to function in clinical and administrative areas of the physician's medical office. Medical assistants work under the supervision of a physician and are competent in both administrative and clinical procedures.

The medical assistant must have good communication skills, like people, want work variety, be accurate in work performance and be able to be trusted with confidential information. Medical assisting is an exciting and rapidly expanding health care profession.


Graduates in this field may be required to:

Administrative duties:

  • scheduling and receiving patients
  • preparing and maintaining medical records
  • transcribing medical dictations
  • handling telephone calls
  • performing basic clerical functions
  • managing medical practice finances

Clinical duties:

  • practicing safety and infection control
  • obtaining patient histories and vital signs
  • performing first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • preparing patients for procedures
  • assisting the physician with examinations and treatments
  • collecting and processing specimens
  • performing selected diagnostic tests
  • administering medication/immunizations

Working Conditions

Graduates in this field commonly experience:

  • work in physicians' offices or clinics
  • work under direct supervision
  • work under stress and emergency conditions
  • meet deadlines
  • primarily work day time hours from Monday through Friday
  • no weekend or holiday work required
  • computer and typing skills needed

Physical Demands:

  • active (much walking, standing) -- all day
  • lifting (up to 50 lbs)
  • manual dexterity
  • excellent vision/hearing
  • hand/eye coordination, accurate swift movements
  • computer work

Characteristics & Temperament

Graduates in this field should have:

  • ability to follow directions accurately/ability to "catch on" quickly/detail oriented
  • ability to handle repetitive work
  • ability to handle stress
  • ability to work well with numbers/symbols
  • good written and verbal communication skills
  • ability to work well with people from diverse populations
  • flexibility; ability to change from task to task without losing patience and efficiency
  • ability to handle more than one task at a time
  • ability to work with equipment
  • ability to do paperwork - proofread accurately
  • good hand/eye coordination, manual/finger dexterity, accurate and swift movements
  • good social skills
  • "people person"
  • self-discipline
  • team player
  • honest/trustworthy

Employment Outlook

Employment statistics for 2015 - 2017 PTC graduates, who found jobs in this field, are as follows:

  • salary average: $32,480.00 per year according to the US Department of Labor. You may view the most current Occupational Outlook statistics at:
  • 89% placement rate for the 2015 - 2017 graduates
  • good availability of positions
  • employment in cities and towns of all sizes
  • advancement possible


Recent graduates have found work at:


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