Career Tracks: Surgical Technology

As a member of the surgical team, this specialist assists the surgical staff before, during and after surgery.

Primary responsibility is to prepare and maintain a sterile field during an operation. Surgical technologists ensure the safety and well-being of all patients undergoing surgery and assist with proper handling and care of surgical instruments.


Graduates in this field may be required to:

  • check supplies and equipment
  • set up sterile table with instruments, supplies, equipment and medication
  • gown and glove surgeon and assistants
  • pass instruments during surgery
  • prepare sterile dressings
  • maintain high standard of sterile techniques
  • assist in preparing for next patient
  • assist in cleaning of room
  • process instruments/equipment

Working Conditions

Graduates in this field commonly experience:

  • work in hospitals: operating room/labor and delivery/central sterile processing
  • work in physicians' office, emergency departments, as sales representatives, and as anesthesia technicians
  • work is fast-paced
  • work is stressful/work under time constraints

Physical Demands

  • active (much walking, standing, carrying)
  • light to heavy lifting and pulling

Characteristics & Temperaments

Graduates in this field should have:

  • assertiveness
  • good oral communication skills
  • dedication
  • attention to detail/ability to do precision work
  • discretion
  • flexibility (ability to change tasks as needed)
  • adaptability
  • ability to maintain composure
  • ability to work cooperatively with a variety of people
  • ability to show compassion, caring, sensitivity
  • ability to work with inanimate objects
  • ability to "catch on" quickly
  • ability to understand and follow directions quickly and accurately
  • moderate spatial aptitude
  • mechanical reasoning: understand mechanical principles and devices; understand how things work and how to fix them
  • good motor coordination (hand/eye coordination, accurate and swift movements, finger/manual dexterity)
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • excellent organizational skills
  • ability to prioritize well

Employment Outlook

Employment statistics for 2015 - 2017 PTC graduates, who found jobs in this field, are as follows:

  • salary average: $46,310.00 per year according to the US Department of Labor. You may view the most current Occupational Outlook statistics at:
  • 91% placement rate  for the 2015 - 2017 graduates
  • employment in cities and towns of all sizes
  • entry level positions: medical salesperson; organ procurement team member; Autologous Blood Collection System Operator, first assistant


Recent graduates have found work at:


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