Finding Employers Who Are Hiring

There are many ways to find specific openings with companies offering positions of interest to you.

The following are some resources to consider.

Job Search Resources

  • Newspapers
    Read the classified help wanted ads daily. Make a list of all openings that sound interesting to you, including the address and how to apply. Try to avoid ads that offer “get-rich-quick” schemes. Also, newspaper articles, trade magazines and company newsletters can offer information on business expansions.

  • Networking
    Your own friends, relatives and contacts can often offer the best source of information about available positions. Make a list of people who could help you in your search. Begin spreading the word that you are looking for a position and ask your contacts if they know of any openings in your field of interest. Networking can provide not only leads on openings but also specific help with personal introductions to employers as well as references.

  • Employment Agencies
    Some private employment agencies may charge a fee to find you a position, but most charge the fee to the hiring company. Check out the agency thoroughly before signing any contract for services. Agencies can often place you in a temporary position with a good company where you can gain valuable experience and possibly be hired as a regular employee in the future.

  • Internet Sources
    Many resources are available for job seekers on the internet.

  • SC Works
    SC Works has computerized information about current job openings in the Piedmont service area as well as nationwide. This agency helps connect job seekers and employers, and walk-ins are welcome.  Go to for more information. 

Other services provided through the Student Success Center

  • Job Fair
    Held annually during the spring term to inform students of the availability of various career opportunities.

  • Jobs At A Glance
    Job ads are added to this list when employers contact PTC about hiring current students or recent graduates.

If you have questions, please contact David at (864) 941-8377 or email