Getting Job Experience

Graduates seeking their first job often complain that a certificate, diploma or degree isn’t enough. Employers want to hire someone who also has work experience.

The following methods can help you gain valuable experience while you complete your education.

  • Jobs At A Glance
    Job experience in the “real world” certainly looks good on a resume. If you would like to work while completing your education, the Student Success Center maintains a current list of jobs on the Jobs at a Glance web page. These jobs are listed by employers looking for workers who are current PTC students or recent graduates.

  • Volunteer Work
    Can’t find a job, or can’t commit to a certain number of hours a week and keep your grades up? Volunteering at a local not-for-profit organization can give you valuable work experience, and you can usually set your own schedule as well as retain the flexibility you need while going to school full time. If you volunteer in a field that you plan to seek employment in, you also gain important references and contacts for the future. 

  • Student Life
    All experience does not have to be work-related. Being active in student clubs and organizations also gives you experience that can be transferred into work-related skills.