CARES Act Info

As a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a Federal law that includes funds to assist students in need during the pandemic, Spring PTC credit students, excluding transient and dual enrollment students, will receive a disbursement in the next several days.

Q: Do I qualify to receive funds?
A: If you are currently enrolled in the Spring term as a credit student, and you are not a dual enrollment or transient student, you will receive these funds. The legislation differentiates between Pell students and non-Pell, so the amount you receive will differ depending on whether you received a Pell Grant in the Spring.
Q: How and when will I receive the funds?
A: Checks will be mailed on Friday, April 17. Students who already have direct deposit set up should see the funds on Monday, April 20.
Q: Can I use my CARES Act money for summer 2020 instead of spring 2020?
A: Per the legislation, the funds are yours to apply toward your educational needs. You may use the funds for Summer if you would like, or any other purpose to assist with your educational expenses.
Q: I have a past due balance, will the CARES Act money be applied to that?
A: All funds are going directly to students.
Q: How do I know how much I've been awarded?
A: Check your financial aid awards on Pathway.