COVID-19 Expectations for Employees

  • Prior to returning, employees are to complete required COVID-19 training in Skillsoft.
  • Employees reporting to campus must complete a screening questionnaire prior to being allowed on campus:
  • Employees who have tested positive or who have been exposed to individuals who have tested positive or are presumptive positive should self-disclose to their supervisor, who will notify the HR Department using the Employee Exposure Reporting Form to ensure the safety of their co-workers and our students to the greatest extent possible.
  • Employees who receive a report of a student exposure should use the Student Exposure Reporting Form to report the information to the college.
  • Social distancing of 3 feet apart will be expected at all times while on campus.
  • PTC strongly encourages students, faculty, employees and visitors who are unvaccinated to properly wear appropriate face coverings at all times while on campus until further notice. Per the CDC, vaccinated individuals now have the option not to wear a mask. Piedmont Technical College will provide appropriate face masks to employees and students who do not have one. 
  • Employees and students who are vaccinated and wish to continue wearing masks may do so. Individuals should not be asked to disclose their vaccination status or why they are or are not wearing a face covering. This is private information and should be respected, but individuals who wish to disclose their status by wearing a button, or by other means, are welcome to do so.
  • Designated faculty who will be conducting labs during Phases I & II should communicate directly with students about how and when class will be conducted, and how to enter the buildings.