Application for SSS

The Student Support Services program is designed to help students stay in college, graduate, and / or transfer to four year colleges or universities. If you are a veteran, please click here for the Student Support Services Veterans program application.

First Generation Verification

Income Verification

Please submit the required documentation to the SSS staff located in the Student Success Center, 104A.

Academic Information

If you have received an associate degree or higher, you are ineligible for the SSS program.

Prior TRiO Participants


Release of Information

This application is a supplement to the required Piedmont Technical College application and in no way replaces the Piedmont Technical College application.

I certify that the information in this application is complete and accurate. It is also my understanding that the TRiO SSS staff may exchange academic and financial information with PTC personnel to insure my academic success.

I am aware that TRiO SSS is a 100% Federally Funded program which provides academic support to those who qualify. Receipt of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

I am also aware that the personal information that is provided to the TRiO SSS program will be protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. No one will have access to the information unless they work with or for the TRiO SSS program, or are specifically authorized by the student in question to see the information.