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Merit Application Worksheets

These worksheets are to be used to calculate points toward merit/competitive program entry.  For the certificate programs that do not accept merit/competitive applications, view the program fact sheets for information about program entry requirements. 

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Health Science Program Acceptance Information

The following slide show is provided to answer any questions concerning acceptance into a health science program.

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Health Records

Background Check and Drug Consent Form 
Student Health Form

All accepted student into a clinical Health Science or Nursing program must have a physical within 12 months of the program's start date. Additionally, students will be required to show proof of all required immunizations or show positive titers. For questions, contact the department's Health Records Assistant.

All students entering a Health Science or Nursing program (except Veterinary Technology) will be required to have CPR certification by the date of their first class and must not expire to the end of the semester. All accepted students will have the opportunity to take CPR training (AHS 106) and receive proper certification determined by the program coordinator. Students that plan to seek certification outside of the college must have Healthcare Provider training through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross. A copy of certification must be submitted to the department's Health Records Assistant.  

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