Information Sessions

All new students to the college majoring in a limited enrollment clinical Health Science or Nursing program must complete the Information Session before initial registration.

This is part of the college admission process. In addition, students who change their majors to one of these Health Science or Nursing programs from another PTC major must also complete this session.

Health Science & Nursing Information Session

This information session is a three-step, online process students are required to complete prior to registration. During the session, students will watch a video that provides an in depth overview of the program, familiarize themselves with their program-specific fact sheet and complete a quiz on the information they have learned during the session.

It is very important that students complete all three steps of the information session in order to receive official credit for completing this requirement.

Step 01 - Review Program-Specific Fact Sheet

In the list below, find and download the worksheet that corresponds with your program. Read this document closely to familiarize yourself with your specific program requirements.


Step 02 - Watch Information Session Video

Step 03 - Take and Submit Quiz

Fill out each section of the quiz and submit your responses to get full credit for completing the information session.

Take the Quiz

Disclaimer: It is the student's responsibility to ask their Enrollment or Academic Advisor if they have questions or need clarification.