No Cost for Tuition

At Piedmont Technical College, we realize that there are a lot of great jobs available in our community. Many of these opportunities require a college education or advanced training. We don’t want anything standing in the way of your pursuit of a new or better career path. For that reason, we are fully removing the tuition cost barrier* for current and future students who enroll through fall 2022. 

Who is Eligible?

PTC’s no cost tuition option is available to South Carolina residents with a desire to begin or continue their education, including:

  • Adults with some college
  • Adults with no college
  • Recent high school graduates

All college-eligible students who enroll at PTC are eligible for PTC's no cost tuition option for the fall 2022 term.

How do I Qualify?

To qualify for PTC's no cost option, students must complete a 2022-2023 FAFSA for fall (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), or FAFSA waiver (if applicable), provide the appropriate documents needed to complete steps to determine grant eligibility, and have exhausted all other grants and scholarships. Assistance may include but is not limited to grants (Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, S.C. Needs-Based Grant); and scholarships, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program (LTAP), etc. 

Take the Next Step

New and Returning Students

New students to the college and students who have not been enrolled for one year or more should start with the Admissions Office or nearest County Campus.

Apply Now


Current Students

Current students are assigned to Academic Advisors by major. We strongly recommend that students contact their advisor either by phone or email to schedule an appointment. Due to class schedules, clinical schedules, and labs, many faculty members are only available by appointment. Advisor information is located in Pathway on the Student tab. 

For more information, contact your program area:

  • University Transfer - 864-941-8447
  • Health Care - 864-941-8651
  • Business, Public Service, Information Tech. & Commercial Arts - 864-941-8729
  • Engineering and Industrial - 864-941-8486

Note: The Financial Aid and Business Offices are in the process of setting this up, so it will take some time for your bill to be updated. 

Serving Our Community

Through continuous investment in all of the counties we serve, Piedmont Tech has remained committed to expanding capacity for a host of education opportunities. 

Additional state, federal, county and community funding is now making it possible for the college to temporarily remove one of the main barriers to receiving a college degree—tuition cost. This step will ensure our citizens have access to good jobs and employers have access to a qualified labor pool for years to come.  

Together, we will continue building a strong workforce that can meet the current and future needs of business and industry in our region.


*Does not include books or required supplies. Does not cover tuition cost for Transient Students