Student and Alumni Profiles

Piedmont Technical College students come from wide-ranging backgrounds—from first time college students, to four-year college graduates coming back to school to learn a new skill. But they’re united in their drive to improve their lives through education. These are a few of their stories.

  • Nicholas Blackwell

    Nicholas Blackwell

    Cardiovascular Technology Major
    Graduation Date: August 2015
    Currently: Self Regional Healthcare

    When Nicholas Blackwell decided to attend Piedmont Technical College to receive training that would prepare him for career, he was not completely sure what direction to take.

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  • melissa raugh

    Melissa Raugh

    Massage Therapy Major
    Graduation Date: August 2016
    Currently: StillWaters Natural Wellness Spa

    Melissa Raugh knows that just because you put your dreams on hold doesn’t mean you can’t achieve them.

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  • Wesley Allen

    Computer Technology Major
    Graduation Date: 2010
    Currently: Self Regional Healthcare

    Allen was connected to an internship that led to a career in computer technology at Self Regional Healthcare.

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  • Abigail Hershberger

    Associate Degree Nursing Major

    From an early age, Abigail Hershberger knew she was gravitating to a career in health care. She read a lot and would find anything she could get her hands on that contained medical subject matter. She was also the oldest of 10 children and often found herself slipping into the role of caretaker when it came to her younger siblings. These factors were key points along her path to becoming a Piedmont Technical College nursing student.

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  • Precious Logan

    Precious Logan

    Respiratory Care Major
    Graduation Date: August 2014
    Currently: Self Regional Healthcare

    Precious Logan always dreamed of a career in health care. She wanted to help people.

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  • Jason White

    Mechatronics Technology Major
    Graduation Date: August 2014

    Jason White tried to avoid the family business. But, he found out it was in his blood.

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  • Cassandra Jones

    Cassandra Jones

    Welding Major
    Graduation Date: August 2015

    Being raised with three brothers, Cassandra Jones was a self-proclaimed tomboy. She was interested in cars and mechanical things.

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  • Malaurie Hullings

    Engineering Design Technology Major

    Malaurie Hullings has never been the type to follow the crowd. She loved physics and math, two subjects that many of her friends avoided. It proved to be the key to her future. “My aunt, who is a life coach, asked me what my future plans were,” said Hullings. “I was good at problem solving and curious about how things worked and she pointed me toward engineering.”  

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  • Tabatha Malone

    Tabatha Malone

    Commercial Art Major

    “I sometimes think that if I had enrolled right after high school, I would already have my degree,” Malone said. “But, I don’t think I would have appreciated it as much then as I do now. It’s like a whole other family here and I really enjoy coming to school every day.”

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  • Rossana Cubillan

    Honors Program Major
    Graduation Date: May 2015

    When Rossana Cubillan, a native of Venezuela, decided she wanted to study abroad in the United States, her dad gave her two options. She could live with her brother in Texas or her brother in South Carolina. She ended up spending time in both locations, but ultimately chose Greenwood and Piedmont Technical College.

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