A Strong Foundation for Success

Faith Rayborn

Faith Rayborn photo
Criminal Justice Major
Currently: Laurens County Sheriff’s Dept.

When you look at Faith Rayborn, you immediately think pre-school teacher – not police officer. That drive has led her to become an officer with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department working at the Laurens County Detention Center.

“I enjoy what I do,” she said. “I had never worked in this kind of environment before, but I enjoy the challenges.”

Rayborn found herself one of the many displaced workers when her job was outsourced overseas. She decided to take the opportunity to pursue a degree.

“I wanted something that was interesting and challenging,” Rayborn said. “Criminal justice just came to mind.”

She enrolled in the program and completed her associate degree in May 2013. Rayborn is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree in social and criminal justice through Ashford University.

“I loved the program. The instructors care how well the students do and if they succeed.”

She said her experiences with the program at Piedmont Tech laid the foundation she needs for her daily routine and her continued education.

“I loved the program. The instructors care how well the students do and if they succeed,” she said. “The fact that the instructors had experience in the field was an advantage because they knew what you needed to know and they made sure you were prepared.”

Rayborn said she would recommend the program and the career to anyone with an eye for adventure and an open mind.

“You have to be able to deal with people of different backgrounds and different thought processes,” she said. “You have to be able to take things in stride.”