Grad Discovers Rewarding Career in Heart-Health

Nicholas Blackwell

Blackwell profile photo
Cardiovascular Technology Major
Graduation Date: August 2015
Currently: Self Regional Healthcare

After receiving suggestions from family and help from an academic advisor at the college, he chose Cardiovascular Technology.

“Once I got into the CVT program, I became fascinated with the function of the heart”

Not only did his interest in the program grow as he continued his studies, Blackwell also realized just how important his learning environment was in helping him obtain the skills he needed.

“I had teachers who truly cared about the success of their students and that encouraged me to work hard toward my goals,” said Blackwell.

Blackwell also had an opportunity to apply the skills he was learning in lab settings and a real-world environment before entering the workforce. “I was able to go to different doctors’ offices and hospitals and get experience working with real patients,” he said.

Within a month of graduation from the cardiovascular technology program, Blackwell had a job at Self Regional Healthcare. Now he has a message for those who are trying to make the decision to go back to college. “If someone was considering continuing their education, I would encourage them to do so,” he said. “By doing that you will open up more possibilities for your future.”

“Going back to college has given me a career I love, and a higher standard of living,” Blackwell added.