Student and Alumni Profiles

Piedmont Technical College students come from wide-ranging backgrounds—from first time college students, to four-year college graduates coming back to school to learn a new skill. But they’re united in their drive to improve their lives through education. These are a few of their stories.

  • Cassandra Jones photo

    Cassandra Jones

    Welding Major
    Graduation Date: August 2015

    Being raised with three brothers, Cassandra Jones was a self-proclaimed tomboy. She was interested in cars and mechanical things.

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  • Malaurie Hullings photo

    Malaurie Hullings

    Engineering Design Technology Major

    Malaurie Hullings has never been the type to follow the crowd. She loved physics and math, two subjects that many of her friends avoided. It proved to be the key to her future. “My aunt, who is a life coach, asked me what my future plans were,” said Hullings. “I was good at problem solving and curious about how things worked and she pointed me toward engineering.”  

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  • Tabatha Malone photo

    Tabatha Malone

    Commercial Art Major

    “I sometimes think that if I had enrolled right after high school, I would already have my degree,” Malone said. “But, I don’t think I would have appreciated it as much then as I do now. It’s like a whole other family here and I really enjoy coming to school every day.”

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  • Rossana Cubillan photo

    Rossana Cubillan

    Graduation Date: May 2015

    When Rossana Cubillan, a native of Venezuela, decided she wanted to study abroad in the United States, her dad gave her two options. She could live with her brother in Texas or her brother in South Carolina. She ended up spending time in both locations, but ultimately chose Greenwood and Piedmont Technical College.

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  • Amanda Moss photo

    Amanda Moss

    Funeral Service Major
    Graduation Date: 2010
    Currently: Wilbert Burial Vaults

    College of Charleston graduate Amanda Moss didn’t grow up around the funeral service business. But she has found that it's the career that she was meant to have.

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  • Ricky Fernandez photo

    Ricky Fernandez

    Funeral Service Major
    Graduation Date: May 2011
    Currently: Funeral director and embalmer of Divine Mortuary in Union

    Fernandez earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from North Greenville and began teaching for the Cherokee County School District. After 20 years in education, though, the interest in funeral service was still there. “Since funeral service was still in the back of my mind, I thought it had to be a calling for me to pursue,” he said. “Then I found out Piedmont Tech had a funeral service program.”

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  • Michels profile photo

    Braxton Michels

    Machine Tool Technology Major

    “You need at least a two-year degree for almost any job now,” Michels said. “I knew anything that I took while in high school would help me in the future.” Michels enrolled in the new mechatronics dual enrollment class at the Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) in Laurens. Upon graduation from high school, he was hired by a large local manufacturing company.

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  • Houchins profile photo

    Jeremy Houchins

    Engineering Technology Major

    The North Charleston native graduated from Southern Wesleyan University with a degree in criminal justice, but he knew it wasn’t a career he wanted to pursue. After graduation, he relocated to Greenwood and took a position with Eaton Electrical. Over time, he knew he needed a change. “I reached that point where I liked my job, but I didn’t want to be in that position for the rest of my life,” he said.

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  • Cook profile photo

    Zach Cook

    Horticulture Technology Major
    Graduation Date: May 2011
    Currently: Assistant Farm Manager

    Zack Cook grew up in an agriculture family. While choosing a career for his life, he couldn’t imagine any job that would keep him inside.

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  • Faith Rayborn photo

    Faith Rayborn

    Criminal Justice Major
    Currently: Laurens County Sheriff’s Dept.

    When you look at Faith Rayborn, you immediately think pre-school teacher – not police officer. That drive has led her to become an officer with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department working at the Laurens County Detention Center.

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