Student and Alumni Profiles

Piedmont Technical College students come from wide-ranging backgrounds—from first time college students, to four-year college graduates coming back to school to learn a new skill. But they’re united in their drive to improve their lives through education. These are a few of their stories.

  • Jode Robinson photo

    Jode Robinson

    Mechanical Engineering Technology Major
    Graduation Date: August 2011

    Robinson spent many years as a cable TV supervisor, and knew that he was ready for a change. He started his path toward becoming a nuclear engineer at Piedmont Technical College.

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  • Kristen Culbreath photo

    Kristin Culbreath

    Commercial Art Major
    Graduation Date: 2011
    Currently: Savannah College of Art & Design Grad

    Kristen Culbreath graduated from Piedmont Tech's Commercial Art program in Summer 2011, and headed into the junior year of her bachelor's degree at the Savannah College of Art & Design, one of the best art schools in the country.

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  • Valerie Fennell photo

    Valerie Fennel

    Mechatronics Technology Major
    Graduation Date: 2011
    Currently: GE Aviation

    With her new degrees in hand, Fennell has moved on to a job with more advancement potential at GE Aviation in Piedmont, where she is one of only 11 women on the floor. “It’s intimidating to some women, but it’s not to me because I have been in technical positions before, working alongside men,” she said. “But, a woman is just as capable of doing the job as a man.”

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  • Tabby Davis photo

    Tabby Davis

    Engineering Design Technology Major
    Graduation Date: 1988
    Currently: Sales Manager for Medium Voltage Switchgear at Eaton

    Tabby Davis is making her mark in the traditionally male-dominated world of engineering. As a lead engineer for Product Applications at Eaton, Davis often finds herself the only woman in the room, providing technical training around the world.

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  • Wade Nicholson photo

    Wade Nicholson

    Associate Degree Nursing Major
    Graduation Date: 2011
    Currently: Self Regional Healthcare

    Like many other people in our region, Wade Nicholson has had to reinvent himself over the course of his career. After earning a bachelor’s degree and working in a successful manufacturing career, Nicholson was forced to re-examine his career path during the recent economic downturn.

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  • Emily Walden photo

    Emily Walden

    Computer Technology Major
    Graduation Date: 2012

    “I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve taken,” she said. “When I started, I never thought I would be doing what I can do now as quickly as I did... If you want to attend a four-year university, coming to Piedmont Tech first is a smart choice."

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  • Matteel Jones photo

    Matteel Jones

    Transfer Degree Major
    Graduation Date: 1999
    Currently: Vice President for Student Affairs

    Matteel Jones is now a top-level administrator at a two-year college, but her journey started right here at PTC. She completed her Associate in Arts degree at PTC, then went on to obtain a B.A. degree from Limestone, an M.A. from Clemson, and eventually a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina—and she moved up the career ladder with every new step.

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  • Laura Bachinski photo

    Laura Bachinski

    Graduation Date: December 2010
    Currently: Owner, Bell House Pottery

    It is the dream of every artist to be accepted into a gallery to display their work. Laura Bachinski has achieved that dream.

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  • Anita Murphy photo

    Anita Murphy

    Business Administration Major
    Graduation Date: May 2002
    Currently: Elliott Davis

    Anita Murphy enrolled at Piedmont Tech with the intention of pursuing a degree in computers. But an accounting class changed her life.

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  • Darlene Saxon photo

    Darlene Saxon

    Graduation Date: May 2009
    Currently: Admissions Counselor, PTC

    A mother of five children, Darlene Saxon of Greenwood always wanted to be a teacher. Little did she know how she would accomplish that goal.

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