Phillip Calhoun and Dylan Davenport

Hundreds Already Attending In-Person Classes; PTC Offers Maximum Flexibility in Course Format Options

October 28, 2020

One of the big draws for students enrolling at Piedmont Technical College (PTC) traditionally has been the smaller class sizes and direct personal access to instructors. And while PTC professors have moved heaven and earth to maintain close contact with their students at a time when pandemic pushed instruction into the virtual realm last spring, many students simply learn better in person. It is those students, in particular, who should know that they can find in-person options on campus today.

“The fact is that we are already holding classes in person on our campuses right now,” said Dr. Keli Fewox, PTC’s vice president for academic affairs. “Some 800 to 1,100 students a day are taking in-person classes on our Greenwood campus alone.”

Fewox noted that every educational division of the college, including general education, is offering in-person options for students who need them. Classes that students are coming to campus for include courses in English, mathematics and economics.

Many transfer students attend PTC to complete basic prerequisite courses they can apply toward study at a four-year institution. In many cases, they need not wait to continue that general coursework. They have in-person options in place today so they not only can save precious time but also tuition dollars.

In accordance with federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, social distancing and other protective protocols are being strictly enforced. Students are required to wear an appropriate face covering at all times they are on campus, and they are expected to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others wherever possible. Individuals coming to campus are screened by questionnaire before they are allowed on campus.

“The community has the impression that we are still operating completely virtually,” Fewox said. “We have not been completely virtual since early summer. Students have been coming to campus in small groups since the first of June.”



  • Machine Tool Instructor Phillip Calhoun (left) discusses various machines’ data storage options with student Dylan Davenport in the lab at the O’Dell Center.
  • Machine Tool Instructor Phillip Calhoun (right) demonstrates features of equipment to student Dylan Davenport at the O’Dell Center.