Students Named to PTC President’s, Dean’s & Merit Lists

July 6, 2012

Congratulations to the students named to the President's, Dean's and Merit lists for the 2012 spring semester.


President's List

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2012 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full-time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Abigail J. Abner, Jessica L. Beauford, Robert C. Boyd, Kevin W. Claussen, Robin C. Claussen, Codi L. Crawford, Rachel L. Geer, Edward P. Guy, Christopher L. Kidd, Dustin A. Laughlin, Holly F. Leonard, Cody H. McIntire, Sandra M. Moore, Angela M. Stewart, Jesse T. Stone, Nolan L. Swartzentruber, Tange R. Wall and Sheila A. Weitkamp, all of Abbeville; Elijah B. Hozey and Cleave L. Robinson, both of Calhoun Falls; Kurstin F. Nabors of Donalds; Joshua G. Fields of Due West; Bobby J. Suit of Honea Path; and Amanda S. Hicklin of Hodges.

Aiken County - Tracie D. Craig and Ariel M. Flurett, both of Aiken.

Anderson County - William F. Morgan of Easley; Richard P. Bradshaw of Anderson; Jarad T. Jennings and Crystal Rhodes, both of Belton; Wendi W. Fisher and Hayden E. Jennings, both of Honea Path.

Dillon County - Derek M. Hardwick of Dillon.

Edgefield County - Mairead M. Gatling and Tabatha T. Grasty, both of Edgefield; and Lizette A. Rea of Johnston.

Evans, Ga. - Zuhib Daud.

Greenville County - Kirsten G. Erickson of Greenville; Laura M. Duran Martinez of Mauldin; and Atlanta Palmer of Piedmont.

Greenwood County - George T. Rosema and Aaron F. Walker, both of Bradley; Rachel M. Bowick, Ronald G. Cahela, Sarah B. Carroll, Sumpter J. Carter, Jacob B. Carver, Brian C. Clark, Jessica L. Collins, Michael C. Cox, Brian P. Davis, Grant K. Dillard, Rachel A. DiMarco, William J. Doherty, Frankie L. Elgin, Brandi L. Esco, Jaquelin S. Estrada, David R. Fernandez, Allison C. Ficklin, Joseph-Robert C. Fisher, Ricky E. Gibson, Philip C. Griffeth, William M. Head, Jennifer D. Hill, Rebecca L. Hobbs, Andrew M. Hodges, James R. Hughes, Adelaide M. Johnson, Julie E. Jordan, Sierra S. Kelley, Dustin T. Klepper, Amber N. Lagrone, Regis Lester, Zachary R. Lindner, Aretha L. McBride, Allan G. McLane, Carl Monson, William C. Nickles, Craig D. Palmer, Abrianna L. Parker, Keenan B. Phillips, Ebony I. Pollock, Todd A. Raugh, Christopher L. Reeves, Kathy A. Richardson, Laurie A. Riley, Jesus A. Rivera, Symone E. Robinson, Courtney A. Rode, Mesha L. Sanders, Emnmika C. Tolbert, Ronda E. Tumblin, John K. Wanto, John B. Waters, Joshua Wooten and Marettia F. Young, all of Greenwood; Hannah C. Ashley, Ana C. Chavez, Harrison P. Light, James W. Rogerson, Stephanie L. Shaw and Jessica L. Wakefield, all of Hodges; Brittany A. Akers, John J. Clark, Hannah E. Cronic, Bruce E. Fifer, Teshana L. Hackett, Phillip K. Jenkins and Ted N. Thomas, all of Ninety Six; Nicholas J. Bowick of Troy; Phillip L. Calhoun, Jody L. Fine, Krystal N. Raines, Alfonzo Rice and Leone H. Williams, all of Ware Shoals.

Kershaw County - Jonathan V. Proctor of Lugoff.

Laurens County - Jarrell T. Bellamy, Dustin E. Faulkner, Christopher W. Gregory, Elisabeth R. Ledford, Robert A. Lindley and Misty M. Mashburn, all of Clinton; William J. Kolak and Timothy M. Williams, both of Cross Hill; Cassandra P. Burnside, Brandy O. Handley, Jordan L. John, Jessica L. Stroud, all of Gray Court; Lynn S. Gresham of Joanna; Dallas B. Bagwell, Patricia L. Boyd, Bradley N. Cooper, Jan C. Hill, Judy Hunnicutt, Joel G. Kuiper, Jessica L. Oates, Joshua P. Rieg, Astarria Sheppard, Ryan L. Smith, Stephen M. Smith and Joseph B. Walker, all of Laurens; Charity R. Koschel of Ware Shoals; Jarrett B. Jordan, Misty M. Todd and Hanna M. Yassney, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Phat Nguyen of Columbia; Rachel C. Willis, Clairessa D. Dinkins and Kristen A. Leech, all of Leesville; Zachary A. Jebali and Jodi S. Waits, both of Lexington; and Tearsa D. White of Swansea.

Lincolnton, Ga. - Delando J. Clark.

McCormick County - Katelyn Barnette, Krystal N. Chambers, William C. Mather, Anthony G. Quarles, Bridget L. Weaghington and Jesse J. Wideman, all of McCormick; John T. Bertzfield, Malaurie B. Hullings and Robert E. Rushton, all of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Braden Iusti and Tyler D. Tucker, both of Kinards; Aaron T. Frick of Little Mountain; Lane N. Branham, David Castro, James A. Ellis, Dustin J. Floyd, Milton A. Harp, Meredith Leslie, Megan A. Long, Tara M. Price, Nathan J. Smith, Crystal M. Tarver, Aubrey T. Wise, Belecia L. Worthy and Latresa M. Wright, all of Newberry; Patrick O. Fulmer and Brandon N. Gray, both of Pomaria; Bonnie S. Alger, Amy L. Bradshaw, Henry A. Brandt, Corey W. Cook, Shari M. Warren, all of Prosperity; and Frederick L. Higgins of Whitmire.

Richland County - Katina B. Burtner of Blythewood; Julie C. Robelot and Michael D. Shields, both of Columbia.

Saluda County - Jacqulyne D. Myers of Batesburg; Jeremiah C. Owings of Ninety Six; Shawn R. Bunnells, Kayle M. Conyers, Collin Derrick, Benjamin P. Hallman, John C. Hallman, Wade L. Hipp, Brandon W. Padget, Kimberly B. Riley, Joni R. Watkins and Stephanie H. Whitfield, all of Saluda; and Seth P. Hartley of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Catherine Baker of Enoree; Raymond P. Ridgeway of Wellford; and James L. Freeman of Woodruff.

Union County - Tammy M. Kean of Carlisle.


Dean's List

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better. 

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Brittany M. Ashley, Zachary R. Bailey, Amanda N. Cheek, Melanie R. Padner, Tabatha R. Rice, Joseph P. Rogers, Hannah W. Shea, Crystal M. Tinch and Jessica N. Weis, all of Abbeville; Nicholas Brown and Ryan M. O’Shields, both of Calhoun Falls; April L. Davis and Jessica T. Magaha, both of Honea Path; Kasey P. Siler of Iva; and Haley B. Gilmer of Ware Shoals.

Anderson County - Avari L. Hall of Belton.

Edgefield County - William R. Covar, Nathan B. Legrand, Shanda T. Martin, Thomas A. Morgan and Rachel L. Raines, all of Edgefield.

Greenville County - Evins J. Carter of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Tammy R. Murphy, Leah G. Sherard and Taylor Lynn R. Templeton-Bradley, all of Bradley; Holly Aleo, Jasmine S. Bates, Erica D. Blackmon, Kristen M. Bradfield, Christopher G. Brewer, William D. Brown, Taylor P. Buchanan, Alice N. Coats, Shannon M. Crittendon, Otis E. Cunningham, Erika A. Danks, Naomi F. DeGallery, Kimberly A. DiBari, Daniel R. Dixon, Kelsey M. Dunn, Roy Galvan, Asha L. Gilliam, Georges P. Godfrin, Bradley S. Hollingsworth, Candida A. Hutchinson, Amy L. Jarnagin, Morgan A. Kilpatrick, David H. Kirby, Katelyn P. Lackey, Philip R. LeRoy, Bryant P. Lyles, Shayla V. McDonald, Kathryn R. McDowell, Miranda N. McMahan, Halee N. Moore, Callie E. Pressley, Warren G. Price, Michael W. Quarles, Paige N. Sathre, Amber M. Self, Kamela J. Simmons, Shuwanda T. Smith, Devinn D. Thomas, Khanh Ly H. Tran, Philip M. Unrue, Tyler J. Wells, Damaris T. White, Christina L. Wideman, Jermiah M. Williams, Robert H. Williams,  Kayana S. Witt, Roma S. Wornall and Kaleigh M. Wright, all of Greenwood; Xavier R. Buff, Kirstyn Kirkland, Cheryl L. Scruggs, Joseph A. Stawski, Matthew E. Van Swol, Emily N. Walden, Shanna N. Whitaker, all of Hodges; Mark S. Bellamy, Anthony H. Bowers, Mary S. Butler, Heather L. Case, Steve D. Grigg, Shannon S. Martin, Patricia L. Nguyen, Caitlin D. Ouzts, Roy Pollard, Kenneth W. Price, Corrie E. Turner, Glenn T. Walton, Amber L. Wideman and Ralph Wilson, all of Ninety Six; and Horace W. Kerr of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Dennis Cancel, Sonya R. Edwards, Donna L. Entrekin, Alan M. Ethridge, Christopher R. Johnisee, Tara E. Lindley, Starlin A. Medlin, Jesse T. Mullikin, Brandon A. Neal and Latandra K. Suber, all of Clinton; Danielle N. Barbrey, Justin L. Huffman, Healther M. Ward and Jonathan T. Wilburn, all of Gray Court; Cole S. Webb of Joanna; Carrie F. Burton, Stacy Corteville, Holly K. Hale, Faith D. Rayborn, Jose M. Reynoso, Salanthia S. Teixeira and Brittany S. Thompson, all of Laurens; Amanda G. Criss and George A. Gantt, both of Mountville; Kelli C. Giroux of Ware Shoals; Rebecca L. Davis and Dewey B. Harling, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Heather L. Smith and Joshua E. Best, both of Columbia; and John H. Morgan of Lexington.

McCormick County - Ashley N. Hill, Latasha Johnson, Hayley N. Nowlin and Thomas G. Willis, all of McCormick; and Jenna M. Bertzfield of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Vickie M. Stockman of Little Mountain; Brandis S. Agnew, Thomas C. Counts, Sumpter Cureton, Paula A. Dudley, John F. Martin, Geovese C. McKnight and Bryan C. Waldrop, all of Newberry; Tessa M. Meetze of Pomaria; Nathaniel L. Bensley, Seok W. Choi, Jessica L. Gosnell and Douglas D. Simpson, all of Prosperity; and Antonio D. Sims of Whitmire.

Richland County - Daniel Rayburn of Irmo.

Saluda County - Kevin A. Crouch of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Misty D. Kimbrell of Inman.

Union County - Joe L. Brown of Whitmire.


Merit List

The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Autumn N. Barnett, James E. Bell, Fred S. Botts, Rodrequis S. Callaham, Kimberly D. Cocchia, Zane T. Coursey, Kayla D. Cromer, Angela M. Dowis, Dami Elliott, Deborah M. Haddon, Cynthia J. Hall, Eric B. Hudgens, Tony L. Jackson, Kenneth J. Kurowski, Matthew N. Lee, Carl R. Lyons, Teresa L. Madrigal, Chris S. Morris, Kari E. Owens, Robert N. Robinson, Megan V. Rudisill, Elisabeth K. Timmerman, Jacob L. Tollison, Michelle S. Weeks, Daniel R. Weichmann, Charles F. Willis and Crystal N. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Tommy H. Pittard and Demetrius D. Terry, both of Calhoun Falls; Lida E. Johnson of Donalds; Abigail D. Hershberger and Victoria E. Thompson, both of Due West; Brandon C. Hedden and Brendan M. Whitson, both of Greenwood; Andrew N. Hall of Hodges; Katie J. Gambrell and Bryon E. Howell, both of Honea Path; Porcha Y. Poulin and Robert G. Wooley, both of Iva.

Aiken County - Leonardo A. Harrison and Martha A. Lockhart, both of Aiken; Justyn D. Fox of Batesburg; Samuel A. Alexander, Lavon D. Coleman, Lori M. Dickson, Lakisha R. Jennings, Virginia M. Simmons and Christina N. Thomas, all of North Augusta.

Anderson County - Michele Martin of Honea Path; Jordan N. Black and Jerry T. Goodwin, both of Iva; and Charlotte P. Campbell of Starr.

Augusta, Ga. - Karen L. Peltier.

Charleston County - Terrell Hennet of Charleston.

Cherokee County - LaJuania J. Underwood of Gaffney.

Edgefield County - Kristen L. Anderson and Micaela A. Bell, both of Clarks Hill; Daniel W. Dorn, Mallory E. Harling, Candi J. Lalonde and Allyson L. Wilson, all of Edgefield; Michelle S. Clark, Janet L. Johnson, Nancy C. Lapsley, Debbie Link, Wallace F. Middleton and Alex O. Thomas, all of Johnston; Ashley Bodiford, Rachel M. Litke, Shelby E. Simmons and Jeremy S. Weeks, all of North Augusta; Christine S. Darrow, Eli A. Perry and Mary Y. Adams, all of Trenton.

Greenville County - Christopher M. Dubiel and Eula M. Shumate, both of Fountain Inn; Sabrina D. Hicks of Greenville; Laura H. Watson and Ronald G. Williams, both of Simpsonville; Paula Kirk and Preston K. Porter, both of Taylors; and Jimmie P. Gray of Tigerville.

Greenwood County - Kimberly J. Cogdill, Jemeca B. Hackett and Patricia J. Polattie, all of Bradley; Thomas C. Abrams, Cirae D. Adams, Frances M. Adams, Renee Adams, Yolanda S. Aull, Stephen W. Barklow, Jody B. Bartanus, Mark W. Bartz, Derek Beaber, Anne-Miller Bell, Dalton S. Bell, Autumn B. Blackwell, Ronald D. Boone, Michael T. Bottens, Shelby F. Brant, Kayla L. Brewer, Renita M. Brewer, Denver Brown, Tonya M. Bullock, Flora J. Burton, Theodore R. Carroll, Taylor M. Champion, Marcia K. Clark, Trevor M. Clary, Eric A. Coates, Hunter D. Cobb, Jennings L. Coleman, Latrell N. Collier, Stephen D. Copeland, Irvin L. Crawford, Lisa S. Creswell, Daniel R. Darling, Austin M. DePree, Aesha A. Desai, Lauren M. Dixon, Jessica B. Drexler, Marissa A. Duff, Karen M. Duncan, Amy Emert, Jonathan D. Fallaw, Holley R. Fender, Julie C. Ferguson, Dale W. Fleming, William S. Franks, Bradley H. Fuller, Amy H. Galloway, Elizabeth C. Gardner, Michelle R. Gaskins, Samuel B. George, Steven T. Giles, Tony Gonce, James C. Gravley, Clarice A. Hardaway, Brittani N. Harrison, Joseph M. Hazel, Tiara R. Higgins, Anne D. Hyde, James R. Irby, Kelly L. Janus, Travis S. Johnson, Beth D. Karle, Brett Kelly, Chelsie L. Kennedy, Haley Kimmons, Brenna S. Knarr, Bradley J. Koone, Kyle C. Kwarsick, Nathaniel C. Lagrone, Yue K. Lan, Jonathan W. Langley, Abby R. Lay, Breeanna M. Lewis, Dawn J. Lewis, Tiffany S. Lollis, Walter S. Lordemann, Patsy H. Manley, John W. McAlhany, Bradley J. McCord, Scott M. McCravy, Margaret G. McDill, Kathryn R. McGee, Douglas K. Miller, Robert O. Moore, Michelle F. Moorhead, Saleemah N. Morton, Vanesa S. Mountz, Daniel W. Napier, Dara A. Neal, James R. Neel, Kirsten C. Neufeld, Lauren J. Neufeld, Delores R. Newson, Quan H. Nguyen, Dedric J. Norman, Herbie R. Parks, Kristen T. Parks, Lindsay B. Parsells, Anna-Grace Piontek, Taylor E. Poznick, Brandi E. Pressley, Carlos Quinones, Yvette M. Quinones, Deja Randall, Chris A. Rapley, Melissa J. Raugh, Hannah L. Reese, Randi N. Rhodes, Zackary R. Richardson, Lauren M. Riley, Amanda Ritenour, Matthew H. Roberts, Abigail E. Robinson, Jennifer N. Rodgers, Christopher M. Rose, Precious N. Roundtree, Stephen J. Rudy, Mayra L. Santiago, Charles R. Saxon, Jared G. Schwartz, Angela M. Self, Courtney A. Settles, Kelsey R. Sherard, Tevin B. Sims, Shaunda T. Sinclair, Kylee C. Smith, Kathleen Snead, Katherine B. Snelling, Eric L. Stevens, Austin E. Surrett, Charles W. Taylor, Karson G. Terry, Carla E. Tettis, Alexandra M. Thomas, Robert J. Thompson, Jonathan D. Tolbert, Robert D. Tompkins, Mary A. Voiselle, Frances K. Washington, Emma A. Waters, Shanna T. Watts, Michaela Weeks, Charles G. Wells, Tomekia Wells, David M. Westberry, Kristen S. White, Margaret A. Whitley, Judy A. Wiggins, Alexandria K. Williams, Gwyn N. Wilson and Lori A. Worthy, all of Greenwood; Chandler E. Balentine, Lyndia C. Belcher, Jason K. Dodson, Asia M. Edwards, Dalila Glover, Crystal L. Kernells and Jonathan D. Rochelle, all of Hodges; Brian W. Bencebi, Kelly A. Bryan, Nikki D. Canfield, Eshane D. Cooley, April M. Crisp, Meghan K. Douglas, Deneshia K. Freeman, Ebony C. Gonce, Steve H. Kesler, John H. Martin, Amanda I. Price, Matthew R. Quarles, Hanna C. Smith and Kenneth S. Stargel, all of Ninety Six; Alicia M. Chaudoin and Emmeline A. Wheeler, both of Troy; Logan S. Boland and David Pitts, both of Ware Shoals.

Hephzibah, Ga. - Lawanda E. Walker.

Horry County - Vernon Hardee and Michelle R. Lippincott, both of Conway.

Kershaw County - Tami D. Gattis of Elgin.

Laurens County - April Baird, Melanie D. Cash, Sylvia L. Daniels, Jacquetta A. Davis, Jordan A. Green, Dorothy A. King, Deneen H. McHan, Seth R. Shouse, Melissa G. Simmons, Victoria G. Smith, Matthew H. Taylor, George H. Williams and Cassandra K. Young, all of Clinton; Deshanndon M. Franks, Carol M. Freeman and Melissa G. Taylor, all of Cross Hill; Brandy F. Cummings, Lindsy L. Maness and Sheryl D. Maness, all of Gray Court; Robert S. Lyons, Brandon L. Prewitt and Abby L. Shealy, all of Joanna; Joseph T. Gillian of Kinards; Marie P. Bishop, Logan H. Brewer, Barbara J. Cliatt, Lavonda L. Cline, Kayla M. Crawford, Stacy R. Curtis, Lakenya E. Dendy, Christopher D. Eccard, Sara N. Farhan, Maxie T. Flowers, Joshua P. Graddick, Jessica N. Griffin, Robert M. Haggard, Krista L. Hartman, Thomas J. Hunnicutt, Patina A. Jones, Benjamin J. Langston, Brandi M. Leopard, Steven S. McCall, Haley A. Noffz, Angela T. Prevost, Brian S. Prevost, Rex Reece, James T. Riddle, Charles H. Roberts, Casey M. Tollison, Antoinette Tribble and Caitlin N. Williams, all of Laurens; Asha C. Yeargin of Mountville; Emily B. Gantt, Chevis D. Ouzts and Heather M. Rhodes, all of Ware Shoals; Patricia G. Bumgardner, Ashlee R. Coates, Antedra S. Jones, Deborah A. Patrick and Thomas J. Price, all of Waterloo.

Lincolnton, Ga. - Thomas C. White.

Marlboro County - Rodney T. Bailey of McColl.   

McCormick County - Darby R. Brown, James M. Davis, Therla Settles and Jermaine A. Tolbert, all of McCormick; Elijah P. Findley of Plum Branch; and Jacqueline C. Rivers of Troy.

Newberry County - Robin L. Rubin of Cross Hill; Latosha N. Johnson of Kinards; Stephanie N. Amick, Lauren Boland and Deanna Nowell, all of Little Mountain; Brandon J. Ahrens, Julie D. Culbertson, Corey M. Graham, Michelle L. Griffen, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Calvin M. Herbert, Kimberly D. Hitch, Sarah E. Jaeger, Cassandra L. Johnson, Kathleen E. Kelly, Abby D. Kinard, La-Kisha L. Nance, Jared A. Parnell, Andrea L. Peay, Jared M. Poole, Brittany N. Radford, Kelli Shealy, Daniel G. Sims, Philip J. Uhrig, Donna S. Vincent, Willie A. Washington, Alaina N. Wood, all of Newberry; Ashlyn E. Bowers, Robbin M. Brooks, Elizabeth Nichols and Myriah Rauch, all of Pomaria; Amber N. Bedenbaugh-Ellisor, Leanne W. Brazell, Susan B. England, Ashton B. Floyd, Tyler D. Grubbs, Coty A. Hendrix, Levi J. Joiner, Sandra R. Jones, Kaitlin R. Kunkle, Amanda J. Kyzer, Jamie B. Long, Anthony T. Metz, Jennie E. Moore, Brandon C. Mundy, Tiffany A. Riddle, Katherine E. Shealy, Kenny Shealy, Erica Stone, Debra A. Wise, all of Prosperity; Stacy K. Gossett and Faith A. Long, both of Whitmire.

Pompano Beach, Fla. - Benjamin J. Gallo.

Richland County - Cathy K. Fung, Adrin W. Keitt and Brittany Pinkston, all of Columbia.

Saluda County - Hannah C. Enlow, Crystal D. Sanders and Jacob L. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Kevin L. Bibbs of Johnston; Morgan A. Eargle of Leesville; Blair B. Derrick, Morgan M. Derrick and Jane B. Watson, all of Ridge Spring; Kirstie H. Boone, Brandon K. Cockrell, Stephen F. Coleman, Hannah E. Corley, Timothy J. Guy, Tracey M. Hawkins, Crystal C. Norris, Amelia D. Padgett and Adam L. Tuttle, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - John D. Spence of Roebuck.

Union County - David Jeter of Carlisle; Chad D. English and Kylin W. Hunter, both of Whitmire.