Students Named to PTC President’s, Dean’s & Merit Lists

   Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2013 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full-time and earn term GPAs of 4.0. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Fred S. Botts, Kaneisha A. Chalmers, Kevin W. Claussen, Brett R. Davis, Brennan D. Ferguson, Marsha P. Landers, Sandra M. Moore, Pamela D. Ramey, Kimberly Richey, Joseph P. Rogers and Jessica G. Sutherland, all of Abbeville; Charles Fuller of Bradley; Nicholas C. Brown, Julian W. Hall, Jasmine L. Sanders and Jessica L. Sanders, all of Calhoun Falls; James-Michael Bonetti, Hannah F. Stoll and Erica L. Strickland, all of Donalds; Francis H. Pressly of Due West; Jessica T. Magaha and Marissa L. Rawski, both of Honea Path; Shawn Baucom and Emily Skelton, both of Iva; and Kristopher C. Kay of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Ariel M. Flurett of Aiken and Sara R. Rains of Trenton.

Anderson County - Yolanda Y. Hill of Anderson.

Charleston County - Paul J. Brouthers of Summerville.

Edgefield County - Amy M. Williams of Edgefield; Jonathan W. Cantrell of Johnston; Patricia G. Gilchrist of McCormick; and Comanika L. Mathis of Trenton.

Greenville County - James W. Davis of Taylors; and Michael J. Hardin of Travelers Rest.

Greenwood County - Donna L. Gore, Patricia J. Polattie and James R. Rittmayer, all of Bradley; Stephen W. Barklow, Zachary R. Bolter, Brenda A. Chamberlain, Tinslee S. Christopher, Courtney A. Clemmons, Tracy A. Cornejo Rios, James C. Crowder, Rhonda M. Cutter, Brian P. Davis, William J. Doherty, John O. Edwards, Kelly M. Erickson, Carlton S. Eustace, Jameson E. Faulkner, Kristin R. Ferrell, Sarah A. France, Barbara Fulmer, Brianna M. Getsinger, Asha L. Gilliam, Tara T. Godfrey, Tony Gonce, Jeffrey T. Greene, James T. Grogan, Dyllan T. Hinton, Cory Holland, Bradley S. Hollingsworth, Therone W. Jones, Jennifer Logeais, James G. Matthews, Aretha L. McBride, Jacob McCravy, Holly R. McGrath, Rose K. Middleton, Jonathan N. Mohajer, Terry Morse, Cynthia V. Myers, Amy R. Parsons, Brian I. Pease, Warren G. Price, Melissa J. Raugh, Todd A. Raugh, Brittney M. Robinson, Tipton J. Russell, Katie M. Sears, Rebecca E. Shirk, Susan Siee, Brandon K. Sinclair, Carvell M. Smith, Ottilie E. Sommars, James C. Stevick, Jacob Stockman, Adam K. Strange, David R. Tiller, Karen R. Tisdale, Jonathan D. Tolbert, Uriel Townsend, Baylee L. Tullis and Nicholas R. Wilson, all of Greenwood; Melissa A. Hall and Jessica L. Wakefield, both of Hodges; Danielle C. Balentine, Laura Banks, Derrick D. Butler, Justin E. Cannon, Heather L. Case, Isaiah Furqueron, Kristen D. Hardman, Phillip K. Jenkins, Heather L. Moton, Dylan C. Scott, Theodore N. Thomas and Justin T. Wells, all of Ninety Six; Hannah L. Byerly of Troy; and Latosha D. Coleman of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Christopher A. Hughes, Jacob S. King, Efrien D. Lagroon, James R. Robinson and Mary A. Turner, all of Clinton; Ronald J. Aderhold, Chase Clayton, Timothy M. Williams, all of Cross Hill; Danielle N. Barbrey and Tanya M. Housel, both Gray Court; Joshua V. Tarver of Joanna; Stephanie L. Starnes of Kinards; Joshua R. Blackwell, Chasity M. Creasy, Carolyn C. Ferguson, Serra F. Graddick, Kipakai I. Imaizumi, Angela L. Lagroon, Benjamin S. Powell and Dillon B. Sherfield, all of Laurens; Warren J. Lowe of Ware Shoals; Matt W. Shipley and Misty M. Todd, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Joshua E. Best of Columbia; and Elizabeth R. Rhodus of Lexington.

McCormick County - Devin T. Chiles, James M. Davis, Ashley N. Hill, Anthony G. Quarles and Marita G. Wideman, all of McCormick; Bonnie Noble of Modoc; Erniko S. Brown of Mount Carmel; Jimmy G. Gilchrist, Andrew Haney and Malaurie B. Hullings, all of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Heather M. Ek of Chappells; Cynthia Feliciano and Meghan E. Lake, both of Little Mountain; April L. Carter, Felicia Kennedy, Robert K. Kinard, Schnora M. Lyles, Jared M. Poole and Brandon L. Simon, all of Newberry; Tessa M. Meetze and Myriah Rauch, both of Pomaria; Bonnie S. Alger, Mollie I. Connelly, Corey W. Cook, Vicki A. Eaves, Nathan Longshore, Michael C. Montjoy, Sara Riley, Caitlin D. Stockman and Amber N. Worthy, all of Prosperity; John Q. Calhoun of Silverstreet; Carrie C. Harmon, Tiffany M. Hopkins and Antonio D. Sims, all of Whitmire.

Richland County - Daniel Rayburn of Irmo.

Saluda County - William N. Corley of Chappells; John E. Matthews of Leesville; Collin Derrick, Megan R. Kidd, Carey V. Ridgell, Mark G. Rushton, Susan D. Shuler, Amy M. Steele and Sarah R. Woodhams, all of Saluda; and Seth P. Hartley of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Catherine Baker of Enoree; and James L. Freeman of Woodruff.

Union County - Aja T. Gregory of Carlisle.

York County - Caroline McGill of Fort Mill; and Judson N. Horner of Rock Hill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full-time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Kara R. Fuller, Stephanie L. Hill, Cody H. McIntire, Dustin D. Scott, Nolan L. Swartzentruber and Sheila A. Weitkamp, all of Abbeville; Patrick B. Shea of Due West; Sergey M. Cherkasov and Cody L. Gambrell, both of Honea Path; and Kimberly J. Prince-Turner of Iva.

Aiken County - Lesley A. Koppert of Aiken.

Anderson County - Brandon F. Smalley of Honea Path; Tiffany A. Bellew and Johnnisha R. Durham, both of Iva.

Cherokee County - Brittany L. Nichols of Blacksburg.

Edgefield County - Nathan B. Legrand of Edgefield; Mary M. James of McCormick; and Colin B. Bailey of Modoc.

Elberton, Ga., -Samantha L. Souther.

Greenville County - Robyn S. Gregory of Greenville; Kirsten G. Erickson and Erin E. Hassiotis, both of Greer; and Preston K. Porter of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Alma L. Arroyo, Nelson W. Banks, Tommy L. Barnes, Thomas N. Bennett, Eric A. Coates, Margie A. Culbertson, Julio C. Delgado, Bradley W. Dyar, Jeffrey G. Genson, Jessica M. Ginn, Paige N. Holt, Wilda L. Hylton, Steve H. Loggins, Samantha Long, William C. Mayo, Tammy E. Pace, Jordan B. Poston, Kenneth A. Reynolds, Donna G. Riggins, Jeremy Roberts, Symone E. Robinson, James W. Rogerson, Chanel C. Sanders, Eduardo X. Serrano, Candace M. Smith, Pamela A. Tinsley, Deidre M. Warren and Samantha N. Woodward, all of Greenwood; Ana C. Chavez, Dalila Glover, Emily K. Luker, Joshua A. Phillips and Mackenzie L. Tharpe, all of Hodges; Anna G. Bryant, Michelle A. Lewis, DeAnna C. Parker, Roy Pollard and Jonathan Scott, all of Ninety Six; and George W. Dorn of Troy.

Laurens County - Cynthia D. Anderson, Barbara A. Caldwell, Justin J. Cunningham, Blakely L. Frazier, Albertina S. Reeder and Cassandra K. Young, all of Clinton; Amber N. Greer of Fountain Inn; Cassandra P. Burnside, Judy A. Mullikin, Erica L. Prescott, Angel Roberts, Taylor A. Staton, Jessica L. Stroud and Jennie L. Wyatt, all of Gray Court; Tiffany K. Kicklighter of Honea Path; Brandon L. Jenkins, Cameo N. Nelson and Cole S. Webb, all of Joanna; Dallas B. Bagwell, Lavonda L. Cline, Jan C. Hill, Samantha Howell, Rebecca E. Lawson, Brandi M. Leopard, Nicole A. McKinney, Starlin A. Medlin, Russell S. Satterfield and Carly M. Smith, all of Laurens; Rebecca J. Moyd of Mountville; Denecka R. Agnew, Shannon N. Hughes and Samuel C. Moore, all of Ware Shoals; Britnie Waddelow of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Lori A. Smith of Batesburg; David M. Dodd of Chapin; Aerial S. Blankenship and Charles C. Shaw, both of Leesville; Endia C. Cochran and Erik C. Richardson, both of Lexington.

Lincolnton, Ga., - Michael S. Glass.

McCormick County - Isaac J. Andrews, Taylor M. Gingerich, Shermaine L. Jennings and William C. Mather, all of McCormick; Courtny Maddox of Modoc; Robert E. Rushton and Toni M. Tutt, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Susan Harrison of Chappells; Kayla L. Green and Noel Lindler, both of Little Mountain; David Castro, Kristopher M. Davenport, Kaysey Fulmer, Brittany N. Gary, Milton A. Harp, Sarah E. Jaeger, Tyler K. Mills, Demarphia S. Rogers, Nathan J. Smith, Maryann Thompson and Keshia L. Williams, all of Newberry; Susan M. Higgins and Analee M. Luke, both of Prosperity; Amanda L. Dickert and Kerry M. Jenkins, both of Whitmire.

Orangeburg County - Charles Kilgus of Orangeburg.

Richland County - Karen Rayburn of Irmo.

Saluda County - Justin D. West of Prosperity; Shawn R. Bunnells, Erika G. Griffith, Benjamin P. Hallman, Louann McKinney and Hannah Rogers, all of Saluda; Brittany S. Herron and Maegan D. Onofrey, both of Ward.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Abigail J. Abner, Kandy R. All, Mia Y. Cole, Melody W. Coursey, Luke A. Funke, Cassaundra D. Geer, Donald Hill, Eric B. Hudgens, Freddie Hunter, William S. Manning, Runda Morton, Taylor R. Newton, Jenna R. Overholt, Larissa A. Overholt, Michelle Trotter and Crystal N. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Chinia A. Belcher and James A. Hembree, both of Calhoun Falls; Ricky D. Balchin, Jonathan J. Bedenbaugh, Heather P. Walker and Nathanial R. Wardlaw, all of Donalds; Graham E. Lindler of Greenwood; Christopher D. Phillips and Bobby J. Suit, both of Honea Path.

Aiken County - Ashley H. Barton of Aiken.

Anderson County - Crystal Rhodes of Belton; and Tessie L. Long of Honea Path.

Augusta, Ga., - Chandra N. Willis.

Charleston County - Terrell Hennet of Charleston.

Chesterfield County - William R. Tillman of Cheraw.

Edgefield County - Renata D. Copeland, Heather D. Edwards, Jacob K. Goforth, Joshua L. Houser, Melissa D. Houser, Shanda T. Martin, Trent M. Miller, Ernestine P. Parks, Tori E. Perano, Beverly P. Pride, Kaitlyn L. Pugh and Terri Youngblood, all of Edgefield; Tammie D. Bush, Michelle S. Clark, Vonne N. Doran and Baylor D. Jones, all of Johnston; T’Keyah Y. Gilchrist of McCormick; Rachel D. Farmer, Daniel N. Hoffmann and Allie E. Jhant, all of North Augusta; and Ebony M. Johnson of Trenton.

Elberton, Ga., - Micah B. Lovinggood.

Fairfield County - Andrew Maass of Ridgeway.

Greenville County - Patsy A. Hunter and Lakiesha Smith, both of Greenville; Jasmyne A. Carter of Mauldin; Jarrett B. Jordan of Simpsonville; Danielle Boyette and Juliet Paul, both of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Linda V. Cason, Crystal M. Cordell, Tonya P. Dicola, Ethan T. Kennemore and Taylor Lynn R. Templeton-Bradley, all of Bradley; Maha S. Abdullah, Cirae D. Adams, Jennifer H. Adams, April A. Akers, Nakisha B. Anderson, Kimberly M. Ashley, Anselmo Bautista, Jessica D. Belcher, Jessica B. Bell, Suzanne L. Bird, Joseph A. Biron, Caleb D. Black, Leslie D. Bledsoe, Windy A. Bolt, Stephen E. Bowen, Erica J. Bowers, Willie C. Bowers, Emilie N. Brade, Denver Brown, Meredith A. Bunch, Lisa F. Burghardt, Marion T. Burnside, Wynona S. Burton, Ronald G. Cahela, Halee Carver, Sunnie Carwile, Edmond J. Casey, Hannah Chrisley, Lauren A. Claussen, James H. Cobb, Betty A. Colon, Christopher L. Crawford, Tony Cummings, Sharon L. Davenport, Christopher E. Day, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, Fallon L. Derrick, James M. Dilleshaw, Amber M. Dorn, Treece Y. Duncan, Nicholas R. Edwards, Sherrie L. Eldridge, Jaleesia O. English, Maranda T. Ethridge, Gueissa Figueroa, Stanley Foggie, Abbie Foulkes, Samuel B. George, Georges P. Godfrin, Teresa R. Gosnell, Bonnie W. Graham, Caroline Grant, Heather L. Green, Jeremiah H. Grooms, Crystal Hall, Marvin Hamlett, Clarice A. Hardaway, La-Toshia N. Harrison, Elayna K. Hatchell, Curtis A. Hensley, Bratcher D. Holloway, Kalekia K. Jennings, Kevin D. Jennings, Lakeshia S. Johnson, Candace R. Jones, Sasha S. Jones, Rachael Kilburn, Evangeline M. Lawton, Dawn J. Lewis, Dewayne Lewis, Priscila Lopez, Richardo A. Macias, Franklin R. Mathis, Joshua P. Matthews, James E. McCoy, Michelle F. Moorhead, Dustin C. Morrow, Sonja L. Mosley, Elizabeth Mulkey, Amber B. Murray, Dara A. Neal, Linda H. Norman, Michael R. Oswald, Haile C. Paul, Jeffrey C. Peirce, Theresa N. Peterson, Keenan B. Phillips, Courtney J. Pinckney, Norma N. Pineda, Anna-Grace Piontek, Alex R. Powell, Charles C. Price, Latavia T. Raiford, Deja Randall, Kevin C. Reedy, Abby T. Reese, Hannah G. Reid, Laurie A. Riley, Thomas R. Riley, Julie E. Robinson, Antonio Rodriguez, Juan E. Rodriguez, Christopher M. Rose, Eric L. Ross, Stephen J. Rudy, Lee B. Salisbury, Mesha L. Sanders, Darlene Saxon, Laura E. Sims, Anthony A. Slack, Eric L. Stevens, Lucy M. Stevens, Thomas M. Suttles, Michael Tarrant, Patricia A. Tate, Tiffany M. Theodore, Tara L. Thompson, Michael J. Voelz, Alexis E. Wash, Tomekia Wells, Margaret A. Whitley, Alexandria K. Williams, Magan Williams, Allison A. Willis, Michael F. Willis, Thomas W. Wilson, Charles K. Winston, Kara N. Yassney, Matthew G. Yockel, Yongxiang Yu, all of Greenwood; Stephen C. Akin, Cathern A. Barbee, Christopher L. Crawford, Asia M. Edwards, Cheryl R. Garrett, Jeffrey F. Harling, Bernice Jackson, Ashley R. McCleese, Kendrakus K. Ramsey, Cody D. Read, David D. Sitton, Joshua M. Van Swol and Haven M. Willimon, all of Hodges; Tequila M. Allen, Nikki E. Brewer, Mia E. Brown, William K. Butler, Eshane D. Cooley, Jerry W. Crittendon, Kaylee A. Deason, Anna M. Fennell, Maggie E. Garland, Ebony C. Gonce, Amanda Y. Gonzalez, Madelyn Hall, Kurtland A. Keeter, Emily S. Kelley, Adele E. Kelly, Steve H. Kesler, John H. Martin, Jacqualine A. McCarthy, Chad E. Mckee, Kimberly N. Miller, Crystal C. Norris, Patricia J. Powell, Alisa L. Smith, Kenneth S. Stargel, Sheryl J. Stewart, Chesney C. Thomas, Melinda H. Walls, Brent E. Werts, all of Ninety Six; Logan S. Boland, Melrose W. Brownlee, Kristina Keener, Katherine E. Lollis, Kenneth M. Sails and Stacey Y. Shell, all of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Joy M. Bailey, Mariah D. Barber, C’Naundra C. Bowens, Tina L. Boyd, Heather M. Breaux, Latisha M. Brown, Matthew S. Canupp, Kelly L. Estes, Kristopher A. Evans, Rachel Fairweather, Dustin E. Faulkner, James J. Fruehwirth, Marshall D. Fulmer, Jordan A. Green, Croft H. Griffin, Christina R. Halse, Brittany N. Hill, Michael L. Johnson, Shanna W. Jones, Michael L. Lee, Tara E. Lindley, Chad D. Maxon, Laura R. McWatters, Jean O. Montjoy, Jason S. Nelson, Vaibhav R. Patel, Robert L. Saltzman, Branderius S. Simpson, William T. Smith, Matthew H. Taylor and Davey A. Underwood, all of Clinton; Sandra R. Byrd, Uriah A. Dillard, Brandon Dunlap, Heather Gillispie, Consandra O. Leake, Tammy F. Lindsay, Kathy M. Quarles and Barry L. Underwood, all of Cross Hill; Deon L. Byrd, Philip C. Griffeth, Jennifer L. Taylor and Taylor E. Thorne, all of Gray Court; Michael T. Kicklighter II of Honea Path; Robert S. Lyons and Timothy J. Rochester, both of Joanna; Victoria A. Ambrusio, Walter I. Barmore, Marie P. Bishop, Logan H. Brewer, Barbara J. Cliatt, Tina J. Collier, Allison C. Crawford, Carrington H. Douglas, Sara N. Farhan, Michael C. Flowers, Robert M. Haggard, Cassie F. Hill, Donald S. Hughes, Judy Hunnicutt, Patina A. Jones, Ginger Landreth, Bryant A. Lawson, Shyndya L. McDowell, Jimmie W. McFarland III, Jenifer A. Ortiz, Travis R. Overstreet, Evelyn Smith, Kathy D. Torres, Antoinette Tribble and Wendy A. Ward, all of Laurens; Meneatrice A. Choice and Justin L. Krajewski, both of Mountville; Erin E. Fricks, Jessica L. Smith and Marc R. Thomson, all of Ware Shoals; Jason E. Allen, Katelyn N. Herrington, Linda D. Talbert and Wanda Wilkie, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Steven J. Hite of Batesburg; Dana C. Bernecky, Stephanie M. Bowers, Mary K. Kenworthy, Carol M. Lucas and Alphonso Martin, all of Chapin; Tegan J. Bishop of Columbia; Shannon B. Hughes and Jesse L. Wright, both of Lexington; and Jessye VanderBaan of West Columbia.         

McCormick County - Teia Avery, Delandus T. Callaham, Shonda E. Edwards, Latasha Johnson and Lateiah D. Morton, all of McCormick; Johnny E. Lyon of Plum Branch; and Jacqueline C. Rivers of Troy.

Newberry County - Joshua G. Hanna of Chapin; Robert G. Reynolds and Bobby Skelton, both of Chappells; Jenna C. Edgeworth, Kimberly Gray and Jennifer F. Lindler, all of Little Mountain; Stephanie E. Boozer, Karen Bradley, Courtney L. Breaux, John C. Brooks, Kimberly D. Coats, Julie D. Culbertson, James A. Ellis, Landyn M. Engen, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Cassandra L. Johnson, Celia A. Kellogg, Kathleen E. Kelly, Tyler A. Kesler, Amelia A. Lewis, Savanna L. Moore, Vanessa A. Moran, Barbara J. Nichols, Aisha V. Nobles, Karen A. O’Donald, Andrea L. Peay, April F. Rendelman, Samantha Rikabi, Brandon G. Seibert, William Shealy, David L. Turner and Mary Jane S. Zwart, all of Newberry; Ann F. Oseman, Courtney R. Sanders and Wade D. Waites, all of Pomaria; Brandy R. Babb, Amber N. Bedenbaugh-Ellisor, Marla R. Brown, Taylor Davenport, Jessica L. Gosnell, Austin Guy, Ashley C. Lake, Kendall D. Pollard, Holly A. Richardson, Kenny Shealy and Shari M. Warren, all of Prosperity; Frederick L. Higgins and Faith A. Long, both of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Scott C. McCall of Seneca.

Pickens County - Gregory D. Durham and Robert A. Porter, both of Easley; Jesseca H. Standridge of Liberty; and Allyssa C. Early of Central.

Pompano Beach, Fla., - Benjamin J. Gallo.

Princeton, W.Va., - Corbin S. Fredeking.

Richland County - Cathy K. Fung of Columbia; and Brandy L. Shampine of Irmo.         

Saluda County - Brantley R. Kirkland and Jacqulyne D. Myers, both of Batesburg; Latoya M. Bibbs, Wanda S. Shull and Keyenda H. Weaver, all of Johnston; Katerina H. Klose of Leesville; Raegan Addy, Donald W. Padgett, Morgan B. Rutland, all of Ridge Spring; Dylan L. Bartley, Paula H. Bowers, Jessica M. Corder, Crystal B. Gibson and Stephanie H. Whitfield, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Kenneth S. Woodward of Enoree; and Susie K. Crowder of Woodruff.

Union County - Chad D. English of Whitmire.

Washington, Ga., - Samantha Thornton.