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Faith Rayborn

When you look at Faith Rayborn, you immediately think pre-school teacher – not police officer. That drive has led her to become an officer with the Laurens County Sherriff’s Department working at the Laurens County Detention Center.

“I enjoy what I do,” she said. “I had never worked in this kind of environment before, but I enjoy the challenges.”

Rayborn found herself one of the many displaced workers when her job was outsourced overseas. She decided to take the opportunity to pursue a degree.

Antonio Sims

Antonio Sims will tell you it’s never too late for a second chance.

The Whitmire native excelled in high school. He was a good student and an active athlete. But in his senior year, he discovered he was a half credit short of being eligible to participate in athletics that year. He said he lost interest and eventually dropped out.

“I let that get in the way,” said Sims. “Instead of thinking academically, I was thinking about sports. That was the wrong move.”

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell is in high demand in Abbeville. The owner and operator of Abbeville Computer Service is finding that he stays busy meeting the needs of local residents and businesses.

Business is booming, he says. After making a full-time commitment to his business in 2009, demand for his services has been constant. “I rarely have time to sit down and not have anything to do,” Campbell said.

Kristin Culbreath

Kristen Culbreath graduated from Piedmont Tech's Commercial Art program in Summer 2011, and headed into the junior year of her bachelor's degree at the Savannah College of Art & Design, one of the best art schools in the country.

Thanks to the skills she learned at PTC, she was selected to receive $15,000 in academic and artistic scholarships at SCAD, which are covering a lot of her tuition.

Emily Walden

When Emily Walden came to Piedmont Technical College, she was unsure at first what she wanted to do, but she had taken several computer classes while in high school and the course offerings in the Computer Technology [1] program at PTC clicked with her.

“I thought it would be something I could do, so I enrolled,” she said. “And I fell in love with it.”

Walden completed the Computer Technology program with a concentration in programming in August, earning her associate degree, and immediately returned to enroll in the Internet concentration program.

Laura Bachinski

It is the dream of every artist to be accepted into a gallery to display their work. Laura Bachinski has achieved that dream.

The Ninety Six resident is enrolled in the professional clay program at the Piedmont Technical College Edgefield County Center. As part of an assignment on marketing their work, students are required to submit an application to a gallery out of their area.

“We were required to apply to a gallery where no one knew us so that we could be judged solely on our work,” Bachinski said.

Anita Murphy

Anita Murphy has discovered that finding your dreams sometimes takes a leap of faith – and a gentle push.

She had obtained her GED after dropping out of high school but she knew she wanted something else. Murphy knew that to go to a four-year college, she would need an associate degree.

“I was working dead-end jobs, fast food restaurants and convenience stores,” she said. “I knew I wanted more, that I didn’t want to work those types of jobs all my life.”

Darlene Saxon

A mother of five children, Darlene Saxon of Greenwood always wanted to be a teacher. Little did she know how she would accomplish that goal.

When Saxon and her husband decided to home school all of their children, she began receiving several compliments on how well-educated and well-mannered her children were. She then realized that she could further her dream and teach others. She enrolled in the Early Care and Education program at PTC and plans to continue her studies toward a bachelor’s degree.


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