Mechatronics Technology I Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare students for system approach analysis and troubleshooting on advanced automated equipment and machinery, combining electronic, mechanical, robotics and information system technology found in today's automated manufacturing facilities.

Required Courses

Courses Credit Hours
EEM 117 AC/DC Circuits I 4.0
EEM 118 AC/DC Circuits II 4.0
EEM 151 Motor Controls I 4.0
EEM 162 Introduction to Process Control 3.0
EEM 200 Semiconductor Devices 4.0
EEM 231 Digital Circuits I 3.0
IMT 112 Hand Tool Operations 3.0
IMT 131 Hydraulics & Pneumatics 4.0
Subtotal   29.0
Total Credit Hours 29.0


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Mechatronics Technology I certificate is to prepare students for systems approach analysis on high tech automated equipment, machines and processes found in today’s manufacturing facilities.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a logical sequence for isolating problems within a Mechatronics process.
  2. Analyze a process control system operation and select the appropriate sensing equipment for that operation.
  3. Operate and adjust robots and automated systems equipment.
  4. Analyze the operating difficulties of an automated system and perform the corrective actions needed.
  5. Demonstrate the correct procedures in the breakdown, inspection, and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  6. Test, analyze, and troubleshoot an industrial machine or process using a programmable logic controller (PLC).
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the use of PLC software and interface applications.


Gainful Employment Information

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Advisement Information

Program notes

  • The Mechatronics program six-semester cycle starts every fall semester on the Greenwood and Abbeville campuses, every summer semester on the Center for Advanced Manufacturing campus in Laurens and every spring semester on the Newberry Campus.

  • All students entering the Mechatronics Technology I Certificate must take EEM 117 during their first semester in order to complete the program in three semesters. Developmental classwork does not have to be completed before students register for EEM 117. If students do not take EEM 117 at the beginning of the cycle, they will not have an opportunity to get the class (at their campus) for three semesters.

2018-2019, 2019-2020 Semester-by-Semester Graduation Plans

Mechatronics Technology I Certificate (MCT6)  

Please consult with program director, Charles Dixon, during initial advising process. 


  • You can find the name of your assigned academic advisor by reviewing Degree Works, your Class Schedule, or by visiting the Advising webpage.

  • The Academic Program Director Coordinator of Mechatronics Technology is Charles Dixon.

  • Students contact Charles Dixon (Lex Walters Campus in Greenwood) or Kevin Moore (Newberry Campus) with questions about Mechatronics.

  • Please email if this Advising Guide needs to be corrected or updated.