Policies and Procedures

Piedmont Technical College, as part of the South Carolina Technical College System (SCTCS), operates in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

Piedmont Technical College (PTC) provides additional policies and procedures, in  accordance with the guideline set up in the PTC 1-1-1010.1 Policy and Procedure Development, to meet the mission and goals of the College.

Pursuant to section 41-1-110 of the code of laws of South Carolina, as amended, the language used in the Piedmont Technical College and South Carolina Technical College System policy and procedure manuals does not create an employment contract between the employee and the College or System.

The College or System reserves the right to revise the content of this policy and procedures manual, in whole or in part.

In the following sections listing Piedmont Technical College’s policies and proceduresthe bold  typed entries are the policies. The corresponding procedure(s) are bulleted under the policy. By clicking on the policy or procedure, you will access the document.


Table of Contents


General Administration

Accreditation and Substantive Change (1-1-2010)

College Committees (1-1-1022)

College Communications (1-2-1020)

Copyright Compliance (1-3-1000)

Institutional Effectiveness and Research (1-6-1000)

Planning System (1-1-1021)

Policy and Procedure Development (1-1-1010)

Solicitation of Institutional Gifts and Fund Raising (1-7-1000)


Educational Programs and Related Activities      

Academic Affairs

Academic Course Operating Standards (3-1-1011)

Academic Freedom and Responsibility (3-1-1000)

Articulation with Other Educational Institutions (3-5-1020)

Copyright Compliance (1-3-1000)

Development and Delivery of Distance Education Courses (3-1-1012)

Development, Revision and Review of Academic Programs (3-1-1010)

Employment of Adjunct Faculty and Part-time Educational Personnel  (8-2-1051)

Establishment and Administration of Scholarships/Monetary Awards (1-7-1010)

Faculty and Staff Professional Development (8-10-1000)

Faculty Performance Management System (8-4-1010)

Full-time Faculty Terms of Employment, Teaching Workload, Overload Compensation, and Responsibilities (8-2-1030)

Grading System and Standards of Progression, Honors, Probation, and Attendance (3-2-1050)

Intellectual Property Rights (3-0-1000)

Length of Time in College Preparatory Courses (3-2-2040)

Live Work Projects (3-1-1013)

Program Advisory Committee (3-1-4010)

Selection of Library Resources (3-7-1000)


Student Development

Admissions (3-2-1010)

Campus Safety and Security (4-8-1010)

Contagious Diseases, Infections and Pandemics (8-7-1040)

Establishment and Administration of Scholarships/Monetary Awards (1-7-1010)

Retention of Student Records (3-2-1040)

Student Activities and Organizations (3-2-3020)

Student Code of Conduct and Grievance (3-2-1060)


Physical Facilities and Equipment


Physical Facilities

Accountability for Equipment Assets (4-5-1011)

Physical Facilities (4-2-1011)

Campus Police and Security

Campus Safety and Security (4-8-1010)

Use of Firearms by Campus Police and Security (4-8-1020)

Use of Alcohol and Illegal Drugs (8-7-1050)

Use of Tobacco Products on Campus (4-8-1060)


Information Technology

Information Technology (4-4-1060)

Network Acceptable Use (4-4-1030)



Operational Budget Process (7-8-1010)

  • Operational Budget Process  (7-8-1010.1)

Investment Guidelines (7-8-1011)

Payroll Distribution (7-0-1010)

Procurement (7-8-1012)

Provision of Secure Storage (7-10-1010)

Travel Guidelines and Expense Allowance (7-3-1010)


Human Resources

Anti-Harassment (8-5-1010)

Classification and Compensation Plan for Classified Positions/Personnel(8-2-1100)

Contagious Diseases, Infections and Pandemics (8-7-1040)

Disciplinary Action (8-5-1000)

Employee Grievance and Appeals (8-6-1000)

Employee Leave (8-3-1021)

Employee Leave Transfer Program(8-3-1060)

Employment of Adjunct Faculty and Part-time Educational Personnel  (8-2-1051)

Employment Practices (8-7-1000)

Employee Performance Management System (8-4-1000)

English Fluency  Requirements for Faculty Employment (8-2-1090)

Faculty Performance Management System (8-4-1010)

Full-time Faculty Terms of Employment, Teaching Workload,   Overload   Compensation, and Responsibilities (8-2-1030)

Overtime Compensation (8-2-1040)

Retention and Disposition of Files and Records(8-0-1061)

Secondary/Dual Employment (8-2-1000)

Supplemental Pay for Academic Administrators (8-7-1061)

  • Supplementary Pay for Academic Administrators (8-7-1061.1)