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Student Records FAQ

These questions are developed to answer some of the most common questions that students ask about managing their courses, programs and information at the college.

Click on a question that interests you to get a quick answer. If you need further information, contact the Student Records Office at (864) 941-8363.


What is the Fresh Start Program?

This program is offered to allow a student who may have done poorly in a previous attempt at college to gain a "fresh start." Students who were not enrolled in any post-secondary institution for a period of five years or more and have not attempted more than 24 credit hours since returning to PTC may petition for Academic Fresh Start. Under this program, all Piedmont Technical College credits earned prior to the granting of Academic Fresh Start will be eliminated from the computation of the student's grade point average and may never be used toward graduation at Piedmont Technical College. Students should see the Registrar for more details about this program. For financial assistance, the federal government requires a student's academic progress to be tracked from the first date of enrollment, whether or not financial aid was received. Academic Fresh Start will not change this policy or alter the student's course completion rate. Please refer to the Academic Standards of Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility Policy for further information.

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What is the Transfer Back Program?

The Transfer Back program is available to students who will transfer to another college before completing degrees, diplomas or certificates at PTC.  Participants can transfer credits back to PTC to complete their programs of study and receive the degree, diploma or certificate after leaving the College.  Contact the Registrar for application forms.

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How do I get Transfer Credits / Exemptions?

Coursework completed at other accredited colleges or universities will be accepted for transfer credit at PTC.  The criteria for acceptance of credits are that the institution must have regional accreditation, the course must parallel content of required course and a grade of "C" must be earned. Transfer credit will not be awarded for courses over 8 years old which are technical in nature or with content that may change over time.  Examples include courses in computer technology, mechanical engineering, and integrated systems technology.  Some programs may also be limited in awarding transfer credit for older courses due to accreditation. 

There are several types of exemption credits available at PTC.  These include High School Articulation (TAP credit), advanced placement exams (CLEP, College Board subject exams), military, life experience and credit by exams. For further details, contact the Registrar.

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How do I Audit a Course?

A student who desires to attend classes regularly but does not wish to take examinations or receive credit may register as an auditor. A record of classes attended will be maintained. No credit is awarded for such courses and cannot be granted at a later date. A student enrolled in a course for credit cannot change to audit after the drop/add period. The participation of auditors in class discussions or examinations is at the discretion of the instructor. Students are expected to pay $55 per credit hour to enroll and attend classes regularly.

Nursing and Health Science students that re-enroll and/or repeat program courses must adhere to the audit policy outlined by the department. Students are responsible for any fees associated with the course such as insurance and testing fees.

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Academic Probation

All Piedmont Technical College students must maintain a 2.0 semester/term and cumulative grade point average (GPA) to be considered in satisfactory academic standing. It is the policy of Piedmont Technical College to require that grade point standards be maintained for continued enrollment. The grade point standards are as follows:

1 - 12 credit hours earned minimum 1.50 GPA

13 - 24 credit hours earned minimum 1.75 GPA

25+ credit hours earned minimum 2.00 GPA

Academic Warning

A student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below the minimum scale described above will receive an academic warning. A letter will be issued to each student with recommendations for academic improvement including tutoring, counseling with the Student Success Center staff, reduced academic load, etc.

Academic Probation

A student who is placed on academic warning who does not earn the minimum cumulative GPA at the end of the next term of enrollment will be placed on academic probation (AP). The student will be required to meet with an AP Counselor or Registrar to complete an AP Contract Agreement form. The AP Counselor will calculate the required grades necessary to progress towards satisfactory standing in the next semester. By signing the AP Contract, the student is agreeing to earn the grades required in the current term. Students will not be able to register until the AP Contract is completed and current grades are issued.

Academic Suspension

A student on academic probation who does not meet the terms of the AP Contract at the end of the next term of enrollment may be placed on academic suspension and the student will be suspended from attending classes for a minimum of one term. When the student re-enters the college, the student remains on academic probation; therefore a new AP Contract will be required for the incoming term. Failure to achieve an acceptable GPA after re-admission makes the student subject to dismissal again.

When a student is suspended from the college, all financial aid and veteran’s benefits are automatically terminated. If there are extenuating circumstances, a special committee comprised of the division dean, AP Counselor and faculty advisor will be called to decide on whether to uphold the suspension, allow continuance with a reduced load, or allow full continuance.

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Academic Honors

President’s List

The President’s List will be published each term to recognize full-time students who have earned term GPAs of 4.0. These students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List will be published each term naming students who are enrolled full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List

The Merit List will be published each term to recognize students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or better.

*Eligibility for academic honors is determined at the end of each term and letters will be mailed by the third week of the following term. For purposes of Academic Honors, full-time is defined as at least 12 credit hours, but does not include developmental courses.

Honor Societies

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international organization of two-year college scholars designed to recognize and honor scholastic achievement. Students qualify for membership by meeting the following criteria:

  • Must have accumulated at least 12 credit hours

  • Must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA

  • Must be working towards an associate degree

Psi Beta is the national honor society for psychology in two-year colleges. It is designed for students enrolled in two or more psychology courses with “B” averages (3.0 GPAs) or higher.

Lambda Chi Nu was created for Associate Degree Nursing students or graduates who have earned grade point average of at least 3.0 or be in the top 15% of class after mid-term of second level courses. This honor society was formed to honor outstanding academic achievement, professionalism and clinical nursing excellence.

Tau Alpha Pi is open to Engineering Technology students and graduates who achieve high academic standards. Members are involved in campus and community activities and are working to build a network with local business professionals.

Lambda Beta Society is a national honor society for Respiratory Care. Students must be in the top 25 percent of their class to become members.

Kappa Beta Delta is an international honor society for business students who hold an academic ranking in the upper 20 percent of their class, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

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Security of Student Records

The privacy and confidentiality of all current and former student records shall be preserved at Piedmont Technical College. Student records are maintained and safeguarded by the Student Development Division. Each student has the right to inspect and challenge the accuracy of his/her records.

Only the student may view his or her record or request in writing any issuance of the record. If other individuals wish to review or receive copies of a student's record, they must have the student's written permission to view or receive a copy. Parents or guardians may, upon validating that the student is a dependent, view or receive a copy of the student’s record.

Occasionally, colleges and universities request directory information on our students in order to offer transfer opportunities to graduates. It is the policy of Piedmont Technical College to release the name and address of students only when requested in writing by public or private, not for profit, institutions of higher education. We are required to release this information to the military when requested. Information is not released for students who request that their records remain confidential.

Methods of Furnishing Student Records Information

The following are exempted from the requirement of written student permission:

  1. Other school officials who have legitimate educational interest.

  2. Authorized representatives of the Comptroller General, administrative head of an educational agency or state education auditors.

  3. Judicial representatives in compliance to a subpoena or law enforcement order. (A copy of this order would be placed in the student’s record with date of issuance posted.)

  4. Agency representatives in connection with a student application for a receipt of financial aid.

Separate files are maintained for records in the following categories: (1) academic, (2) disciplinary, (3) counseling, (4) financial aid and (5) placement. When justified by legitimate law enforcement needs, the campus Public Safety Office may maintain confidential records relating primarily to its investigative function.

Furnishing Student Records Information

Piedmont Technical College is mandated by the 1974 Buckley Amendment, Family Education and Rights to Privacy Act, Public Law 93-380, to guarantee each student’s academic privacy. The following procedures are in place to assure compliance with the Rights to Privacy Act:

  1. Transcripts and enrollment verifications will be issued only by Student Records personnel.

  2. Information that may be issued to an inquirer either in person or over the telephone:

    a. enrollment status
    b. attendance dates
    c. curriculum
    d. graduation status
    e. location of classes (if legitimate reasons are demonstrated)

    *Students may request extended security be placed on their record by contacting Student Records.

  3. Information that cannot be issued to anyone over the telephone (including the student):

    a. Social Security number
    b. grades
    c. GPA
    d. AP status
    e. telephone number
    f. address

The information listed in number three cannot be issued to parents, friends, brothers/sisters, etc., either in person or over the telephone. (Parents who can provide documentation that the student is claimed as a dependent may have access to this information.) A signed Request Authorization must be obtained to authorize release of this information to anyone. The release of restricted information will be the responsibility of Student Records staff so that proper documentation can be maintained.

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