College Resources

Safety Tips

Do not become a statistic!  Please take time to read over these simple tips for staying safe both on campus and in your everyday life.

  • Do not leave books, purses, book bags, calculators or any valuables unattended.

  • Mark your books with your name in dark, indelible ink.

  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry in your purse or other bags.

  • Travel in numbers.

  • Call Campus Police and Security for escorts.

  • Don’t isolate yourself on campus.  If you are studying late on campus, call Public Safety and let us know where you are. We can check on your safety.

  • Report suspicious persons or activities to Campus Police and Security.

  • Keep doors locked and windows closed while driving and parked.

  • Before getting into your car, check the floor and back seat.

  • Always have your keys out and ready to unlock the car before you leave the building.

  • If you have car trouble, raise the hood and stay in the car. When someone stops, ask that the police be notified.

  • Never get into a stranger’s car.