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President's, Dean's & Merit Lists Announced

July 22, 2011

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2011 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full-time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:
Abbeville County - Fred S. Botts, Robin C. Claussen, Codi L. Crawford, Cassaundra D. Geer, Linsey G. Hawthorne, William A. Jefferies, Christopher L. Kidd, Holly F. Leonard, Punit H. Patel, Katie D. Pressley, Hannah W. Shea, Jesse T. Stone, Brady S. Strawhorn, Charles M. Turman and Semophia C. Williams, all of Abbeville; Demetria P. Carter, Irving C. Cowan, Elijah B. Hozey, Tommy H. Pittard and Leroy J. Smith, all of Calhoun Falls; Margaret N. Post of Donalds; and Bobby J. Suit of Honea Path.
Aiken County - Ariel M. Flurett of Aiken.
Anderson County - Ronnie D. Davis of Honea Path; William F. Morgan of Iva; Michael T. Kunkle of Belton; and Robert C. Shore of Anderson.
Augusta, Ga. - Kathy L. Steele.
Dorchester County - Carolyn O. Mims of Saint George.
Edgefield County - Renata D. Copeland and Thomas A. Morgan of Edgefield; Janet L. Johnson of Johnston; and Christine S. Burns of Trenton.
Greenville County - Angela F. Neal of Fountain Inn; Brandon E. Sloan of Greenville; and Laura M. Duran Martinez of Mauldin.
Greenwood County - George Rosema and Aaron F. Walker, both of Bradley; Anissa R. Adams, Kimberly M. Ashley, Shindale Aull, Sarah E. Bailey, Lydia A. Bilder, Michael K. Blohm, Cynthia C. Boone, Rachel M. Bowick, Tiffany Brade, Lacey A. Brown, Michael W. Bullock, Marion T. Burnside, Kendra D. Busha, Trakius Christian, Jonathan L. Clary, Jessica L. Collins, Alexandria L. Crawford, Amanda K. Darden, Debra S. Dennin, Kavita K. Desai, Rachel A. DiMarco, Glenn M. Donaghy, Carlton S. Eustace, Julie E. Fitzgibbons, Adriana S. Free, Wesley H. Funderburk, Kelsey A. Gallman, Ricky E. Gibson, Steven T. Giles, Alex P. Harlow, Brittani N. Harrison, William M. Head, Amber M. Hinton, Rebecca L. Hobbs, Lisa M. Holloway, Rodney B. Holloway, Kelly L. Janus, LaZandra M. Johnson, William D. King, Hayley A. Knight, Christopher D. Lake, Connor T. Lee, Kayla M. Leedy, Melissa L. Leroy, Walter S. Lordemann, Tabitha D. McAllister, Tammy E. Pace, Craig D. Palmer, Lindsay B. Parsells, Keenan B. Phillips, Michael W. Quarles, Jessica L. Rearick, Arian L. Reed, Kathy A. Richardson, Jennifer N. Rodgers, Lawrence A. Scarboro, Angela M. Self, Jerry C. Spearman, Robert W. Spires, Alison E. Stelling, Eric L. Stevens, Savannah L. Stockman, Kala T. Thrasher, Truc T. Tran, Jennifer N. Tumblin, Davita L. Watkins, Tyler J. Wells, Daniel L. West, David C. Wilkes, Jorica J. Williams, Robert H. Williams, Ellen W. Williamson, Alison J. Willingham, Trista N. Wilson, Lindley A. Worrock and Kanavis R. Wright, all of Greenwood; Velvet L. Dixon, Angel L. Powell and Shiloh D. Turner, all of Hodges; Harla J. Anderson, Jeremy K. Brown, Diane M. Carter, Bruce E. Fifer, Patricia G. Lamb and Martha F. Leopard, all of Ninety Six; Pipatpong Daorueng of Troy; Phillip L. Calhoun, Andrew H. Cooper, Meaghan S. McCall, Joseph W. Smith and Brandon P. White, all of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Rajae Abuyounis, Barry L. Boyce, Jessica A. Fowler, Kathy M. Gaddis, Jessy C. Holden, Misty M. Mashburn, Chiquita A. Ruth and Shane J. West-Calabrese, all of Clinton; Christie Garrett of Cross Hill; Julia J. Hale of Fountain Inn; Isabel M. Cook, Frances M. Griffin, Jordan L. John and Lindsy L. Maness, all of Gray Court; Terry W. Clark, Thomas H. Coggins, Bradley N. Cooper, Christopher L. Cranford, Velma R. Dunaway, Tiffany Edwards, Robert D. Johnston, Joel G. Kuiper, Shyndya L. McDowell, Jordan L. Mitchell, Kaci C. Patton, Lynda C. Rogers, James E. Starnes, Joseph B. Walker, Kevin A. Wheeler and Jason D. Williams, all of Laurens; Samuel F. Templeton of Mountville; Craig Dendy, James W. Rogerson and Sara E. Trowbridge, all of Waterloo; and Michael E. Gibson of Whitmire.
Lexington County - Phat Nguyen of Columbia; Rachel C. Willis of Leesville; Diana M. Bussard of Chapin; Tracie D. Clegg of Lexington; and Waylon R. Kinard of Batesburg.
Marlboro County - Rodney T. Bailey of McColl.
McCormick County - Leonard M. Mathys and Sylvia S. Smith, both of McCormick; and Jon P. Faulkner of Plum Branch.
Newberry County - Genene Bowers of Chapin; Angela M. Childs of Chappells; Cameron C. Fellers of Little Mountain; LeDonna R. Durrance, George W. Kinard, Byron D. Knight, Beatriz Lopez-Martinez, John F. Martin, Colt S. Moss, Toria N. Suber, Brenda R. Trapp and Bryan C. Waldrop, all of Newberry; Michael A. Berry, Ian K. Hatfield and Alexandra N. Pruitt, all of Pomaria; Henry A. Brandt, Dakota J. Dye, Jessica L. Gosnell, Jamie B. Long, Helen S. Martin, Robin Morris, Michael V. Renwick and Shari M. Warren, all of Prosperity; and Christopher J. Allen-Gadson of Silverstreet.
Orangeburg County - Charles Kilgus of Orangeburg.
Pickens County - Donna J. Lane of Pickens.
Saluda County - Joshua C. Shealy of Batesburg; Kayla B. Hall of Leesville; Jeremiah C. Owings of Ninety Six; Crystal L. Arnold, Thomas Griffin, Wade L. Hipp, Joshua D. Nicholson, Heber N. Padget, Lisa M. Stone and Luther S. Wheeler, all of Saluda.
Union County - Joe L. Brown of Whitmire.
Wilson, N.C. - Joshua Wooten.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better. The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Dean’s List students include:
Abbeville County - Tyler D. Carroll, Emily A. Guire, Lyndsey E. Hanke, Joseph L. James, Brandon C. Jennings, Deirdre M. Johnson, Lettie L. Lewis, Scott A. MacMeeken, Amanda M. Malone, Jenna R. Overholt, Brandon E. Scott, Kristi L. Starks, Samantha L. Timmerman and Sheila A. Weitkamp, all of Abbeville; Miranda C. Alewine, Anthony M. Harris, Kirbie S. Leverette and Aria D. Thomas, all of Calhoun Falls; Shawntae J. Ellis-Owens of Due West; April L. Davis, Mary C. Hunt and Brittany M. Magaha, all of Honea Path; and James M. Smith of Ware Shoals.
Anderson County - Gianna M. Cassandra, Melissa D. Fullerton and Danielle R. McEntyre, all of Honea Path; Jessica M. Hawkins of Anderson; Jerry T. Goodwin of Belton; and Casy D. Pinson of Iva.
Charlotte, N.C. - Jamie M. Cline-Bowman.
Edgefield County - Chrystal G. Griggs of Edgefield and Candice D. Dominguez of Trenton.
Greenville County - Carlton D. Coble of Greenville and Jimmie P. Gray of Tigerville.
Greenwood County - Tammy R. Murphy of Bradley; Teresa M. Martinez of Donalds; Detracuase D. Belcher, Alene C. Brothers, Katherine J. Burke, Zachary C. Burton, Britney N. Chastine, Clayton A. deBessonet, Glenda Dendy, Phillip Derrick, Lezlie A. Dodgen, Quneshia L. Duncan, Hollie B. Ethridge, Haley B. Floyd, Jessica L. Glasby, Haley D. LaFrancis, Bryant P. Lyles, Wilson Y. Mason, Shelli B. McClain, David E. Morton, Jose F. Ochoa, Bridgett N. O’Harold, Lauren A. Powell, Samantha J. Quattlebaum, Chris A. Rapley, Christopher L. Reeves, Latonya N. Ross, Wesley M. Runyan, Samantha San, Jennifer B. Sanders, Kamela J. Simmons, Morgan E. Sullivan, Patia Thomas, Ronda Tumblin, Renata N. Watson, Jermiah M. Williams, Charles K. Winston and Marettia F. Young, all of Greenwood; Cheryl L. Scruggs, Stephanie L. Shaw, Tammy L. Tallman and Elizabeth M. Watkins, all of Hodges; Kristen T. Culbreath, Sally Dorn, Linda D. Eustace, Kayla L. Gonce, William J. Harter, Katharine E. Homme, Ryan D. Homme, Kaylynn L. Knight, Michelle A. Lewis, Alicia D. Narciso, Kenneth W. Price, Reggie C. Smith, Tammy C. Walker, Elizabeth H. Ward and Amber L. Wideman, all of Ninety Six; Ginna L. Weatherford of Troy; Mary-Ashton T. Lockard, Jandy L. McCarson-Stephens and Thomas R. Wilkinson, all of Ware Shoals.
Grovetown, Ga. - Anne F. Davis.
Lancaster County - Alice J. Pegram of Fort Mill.
Laurens County - Oliver T. Blakely, Laura B. Langston and Dani J. Sherfield, all of Clinton; Shaquila L. Hill of Cross Hill; Joshua Hostetler, Benjamin J. Jenkins, Teresa D. Mendez, Judy A. Mullikin, Tyler J. Nodine and Frankie D. Williams, all of Gray Court; Jessica S. Leopard of Joanna; Jan P. Bodie, Hannah J. Ely, Robert K. Hughes, Judy Hunnicutt, Elizabeth N. Knight, Christopher C. Makla, Brooke F. Noble, Christel A. Reeder and James T. Riddle, all of Laurens; James N. Garrett of Mountville; Lindsay E. Fortner, James R. Hughes, Cody G. James and William C. Wallace, all of Ware Shoals; Jason E. Allen, Rhonda J. Davis, Turner M. Gambrell, Misty A. Kimbrell, Samuel M. Meakim and William R. Smith, all of Waterloo.
Lexington County - Jesse L. Wright of Lexington.
McCormick County - Lindsay H. Daniels and Jennifer L. Feloni, both McCormick.
Newberry County - Jewel F. Bates, Leligbo L. Challe, Michelle L. Griffen, English L. Hawkins, Terri A. Hill, Joseph J. Howell, Connie B. Moss, Tina L. Palmer and Barbara J. Williams, all of Newberry; Mollie I. Connelly, Nathan J. Haupt, Michael C. Montjoy and Jennie E. Moore, all of Prosperity; Rickey H. Waites of Silverstreet; Albert G. Caudill, Felicia N. Drew, Mahala M. Henderson and Lynlee B. Thompson, all of Whitmire.
Oconee County - Adam L. Marcus of Westminster.
Richland County - Daniel Rayburn of Irmo.
Saluda County - Darin A. Shealy of Batesburg; Edward A. Thompson of Ninety Six; Samuel R. Addy, Christina M. Coleman, Tommie M. Dorns, Erika G. Griffith, William S. Kelley, Keana L. Morris, Lane P. Price and Jeremy L. Quattlebaum, all of Saluda.
Spartanburg County - Kaitlin E. Walsh of Spartanburg.
Union County - Jennifer Crosby of Union.

Merit Lists students include:
Abbeville County - Tracie S. Bowie, Joy E. Cain, Kevin W. Claussen, Alexandra E. Costner, Angela M. Dowis, James C. Ellis, Lynn S. Hall, Henry D. Hayes, Stephen M. Henez, Lawanda N. Hill, Eric B. Hudgens, Anna K. Lagrone, Amanda J. Lane, Katherine A. Lawrence, Dawn B. Mobley, Jonathan R. Myers, Robert N. Robinson, Brandon J. Stackhouse, Debra S. Tiller, Jack A. Timms and Keith L. Willis, all of Abbeville; James A Hembree, Terri C. Hembree, Angela M. McCaslan and Nicole B. Tillman, all of Calhoun Falls; Sandra E. Hughes, Lida E. Johnson and Kristi A. Satterfield, all of Donalds; Victoria E. Thompson of Due West; Koya K. Cunningham, Brian R. Hughes and Danielle M. Sommers, all of Honea Path; and Tracy S. Hanna of Iva.
Aiken County - Beverly D. Axen of North Augusta and Stephanie W. Barbee of Aiken.
Anderson County - Devon E. Holcombe and David E. McAllister, both of Anderson; Candice W. Ward of Belton; Cynthia J. Lollis, Holly W. Crawford, April Kelly and Tessie L. Long, all of Honea Path.
Edgefield County - Cynthia E. Bryan, Judith M. Prince, Taylor A. Weiss and Lisa I. Winn, all of Edgefield; Ora D. Bryant and Nancy C. Lapsley, both of Johnston; and Cheyanne P. Stripling of Trenton.
Fairfield County - Carol B. Thompson of Jenkinsville.
Greenville County - Christopher M. Dubiel and Kaycie L. Stone, both of Fountain Inn; Marzena U. Szkolnicka of Greenville; and Howard D. Hall of Greer.
Greenwood County - Tresha L. Attaway, Kayla J. Leopard and Ashley N. Rounds, all of Bradley; Denzel M. Anderson, Nakisha B. Anderson, Amanda B. Banks, Arielle B. Barraca, Lea G. Barrett, Lisa Bell, Chris R. Binsack, Marchant L. Bley, Latonia W. Bostic, Kristen M. Bradfield, Alexander D. Brown, Barry E. Brown, Brandon E. Bundrick, Stephen T. Burdette, Rebecca H. Byington, Charles W. Camp, Cody E. Cannon, Christopher C. Cantrell, Adriana N. Carpenter, Theodore R. Carroll, Bryan C. Carruth, Charlene L. Carson, Lacodian D. Carter, Shantelle T. Carter, Marvin Childs, Crystal Chinn, Brian C. Clark, Adrian L. Coates, Anna L. Cox, Adam P. Creswell, Lisa S. Creswell, Ashlin T. Crout, Sarah E. Darragh, Robin T. Davenport, Megan R. Davis, Christopher D. Dean, Daniel R. Dixon, Leslie D. Dobbins, Duncan G. Drebenstedt, Jonathan D. Fallaw, Megan F. Falls, Kristie A. Farinella, James T. Field, Katelyn N. Fleming, Grant P. Flynn, David M. Fortson, Lindsay Fuqua, Annette Gantt, Johnathan P. Garrison, Jessica O. Gibert, Lonnie C. Gillespie, Debbie J. Goldman, Tony Gonce, Lanina S. Goode, Dustin R. Goodwin, Erin M. Gottlieb, Bonnie W. Graham, Tonya Y. Gunter-Gary, Heather L. Hancock, La-Toshia N. Harrison, Reid Harrison, Anna K. Haynes, Joseph M. Hazel, Kara-Grace Higginbotham, Roland Hill, Catherine E. Hilley, Paul E. Horne, William K. Hubbard, Marveena V. Hughes, Leesa W. Inabinet, Kathy J. Jennings, Sasha S. Jones, Amanda L. Kelly, Brian D. Knight, Michael B. Latham, Cintia L. Lewis, Karen M. Lindley, Tiffany S. Lollis, Katie R. Madden, Tobias A. Manley, Tammy Mathis, Alexandria V. May, Bradley J. McCord, Bradley K. McDonald, Theresa A. McDonald, Benjamin McDuffie, Allan G. McLane, Jennifer L. Miller, Bethany L. Mlinar, Carl Monson, Autumn G. Montgomery, Whitney D. Moore, Lyea M. Morton, Vanesa S. Mountz, James R. Neel, William T. Nguyen, Cathy A. Norman, Dedric J. Norman, Brandon T. Patterson, Wesley G. Patterson, Margaret V. Randall, Gabrielle M. Randazzo, Jennifer G. Reed, Courtney A. Rivers, Stephen J. Rudy, Valentina Rychka, Katherine G. Sanquintin, Charles R. Saxon, John C. Sayer, Mallory K. Saylors, Margaret K. Schnider, Rachel C. Schwartz, Elliot D. Sealy, Richard A. Sellars, Amy E. Shirk, Amy N. Shurden, Joshini E. Simon, Zachary S. Smith, Jada L. Sprowl, Kayla L. Starnes, Jamie M. Steifle, Catherine D. Stokes, Andrea D. Strong, Bonnie C. Todd, Michael J. Voelz, Mary A. Voiselle, Stephen Voiselle, John K. Wanto, Charles G. Wells, Jamey C. Westberry, Jennifer L. Whiteside, Denise B. Wiley, Victor J. Williams, Nancy M. Young and Ryan D. Young, all of Greenwood; Patricia A. Gunter, Geeya A. Massey, Kevin P. McKenna, William P. Ray, William D. Roach, Christy M. Seawright and Matthew E. Van Swol, all of Hodges; John J. Bundrick, Mary S. Butler, Eshane D. Cooley, Kevin T. Fuller, Tracy J. Gonce, Steve D. Grigg, Teshana L. Hackett, Jennifer L. Hall, Nicole Lorentz, Robert E. Miller, Blake Rodgers, Hanna C. Smith, Kayla E. Temples and Harrison J. Tucker, all of Ninety Six; Samuel A. Beauford, Brandon B. Brooks and Kaci A. Shirley, all of Troy; James O. Price and Jared R. Roach, both of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Taviouzie M. Booker, Sharon R. Cromer, Jessica L. Gault, Bruce A. Holmgreen, John B. Madden, Brantley J. Nelson, Rebecca A. Osborne, Kristen G. Peake, Elizabeth D. Roth, Howard C. Senn and Patricia A. Tucker, all of Clinton; Amanda D. Barcenas, Lillian R. James, Dustin B. Lanning, Mendy D. Miller and Peggy P. Saxon, all of Cross Hill; Cassandra P. Burnside, Timothy M. Dennie, Melissa G. Franks, Eric W. Holden, Brandon D. Sitton and Farrah S. Young, all of Gray Court; Abby L. Shealy and Anna Stewart, both of Joanna; Jason L. Bigham of Kinards; Narmeen T. Abojamoos, Jacob A. Allen, Marie P. Bishop, Joshua R. Blackwell, Kristen A. Coggins, Tony L. Howell, Louise Irby, Patina A. Jones, Amanda R. Kommers, Lisa G. Kuykendall, James C. Ladd, Benjamin J. Langston, Steven S. McCall, Charles M. Melton, Lynda C. Moore, Patricia L. Nabors, Judith A. Omalanowicz, Stacy A. Plaia, David L. Pugh, Tequanya S. Randall, Latashay N. Richard, Stephanie M. Schultz, Leigh A. Simmons, Megan M. Simmons, Kristen A. Stewart, Tina T. Thompson and Kathy D. Torres, all of Laurens; Savoeun Lun and Michael D. Scurry, both of Mountville; Lydia N. Batson, Jill M. Dyal, Patti F. Hamby, Matthew R. Henderson, Chevis D. Ouzts and Erin K. Smith, all of Ware Shoals; Troy D. Calliham, Ashlee R. Coates, Ryan J. Cockrell, Anthony A. Culbertson, Frankie L. Elgin, Mary L. Fisher, Roger K. Gamble, Alex L. Hightower, Adam K. Hitt and Deborah A. Patrick, all of Waterloo.
Lexington County - Jacque P. Hebert, Mary K. Kenworthy, Dianna C. Parkin and Kellie A. Sues, all of Chapin; Hannah M. Creech of Leesville; Tracie D. Kinard of Little Mountain; and Christopher M. Boudreaux of West Columbia.
Lincolnton, Ga. - Delando J. Clark and Jeanie G. Turnbull.
McCormick County - Felicia M. Freeman and Angela D. Thurmond, both of Clarks Hill; Shalecia M. Beard, Travis T. Callaham, Ansel Fambrough, Crystal S. Reid, Kiesha M. Sills and William L. Wall, all of McCormick.
Newberry County - Latosha N. Johnson of Kinards; Belinda K. Parker and Whitney K. Yongue, both of Little Mountain; Christopher A. Ammons, Tanya C. Barnett, Dorine Booker, Hannah L. Brown, Linda C. Cannon, Carrie E. Carter, Alexandrea M. Cromer, Jennifer L. Dorn, Paula A. Dudley, Glenda E. Gregory, Amanda J. Larsen, Meredith Leslie, Crystal M. Mitchell, Jennifer L. Morris, Daniel G. Sims and Porsha D. Williams, all of Newberry; Bonnie S. Alger, Brandy R. Babb, Drew J. Babb, Chelsea S. Bouknight, Emma D. Brandt, Leanne W. Brazell, Franklin Cheeks, Kristen N. Dominick, Leigha P. Faulkner, Sandra R. Jones, Zachary J. Long, Rebekah J. Odum, Daniel J. Parker and Latonya K. Wise, all of Prosperity; Ann T. Thomas of Silverstreet; Helen R. Arnold, Sara E. Mandau and Michael K. Shealy, all of Whitmire.
Orlando, Fla. - Jacqueline E. Adamson.
Richland County - Matthew E. Colling of Irmo.
Saluda County - Rhonda W. Salter and Chad A. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Deborah Hipps of Johnston; Kayla M. Nichols of Prosperity; Richard G. Barfield, Curtis H. Berry, Suzanne L. Bird, Charles A. Browder, Stephanie C. Callaham, Aaron A. Cameron, Alexander Coleman, Olivia J. Coleman, Kristen E. Crawford, Kevin A. Crouch, Payton R. Gardner, Brandon B. Golston, Kelly M. Griffith, Benjamin P. Hallman, Taylor L. Harmon, Tenerio G. Hawkins, Brittney B. Henry, Allison M. Lake, Elizabeth S. Morris, Rachel E. Perry, Ulyss K. Roesner, Adam L. Tuttle and Kevin Witt, all of Saluda; and Wendy D. Short of Ward.
Spartanburg County - Raymond P. Ridgeway of Wellford and Susie K. Crowder of Woodruff.