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PTC Students Named to President's, Dean's, & Merit Lists of Achievement

October 19, 2011

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2011 summer term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full-time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:
Abbeville County - Fred S. Botts, James E. Foster, Kiara D. Jackson and Christopher L. Kidd, all of Abbeville; Miranda C. Alewine and Elijah B. Hozey, both of Calhoun Falls; Latia L. Thomas of Donalds; Josef Myshkovskiy of Due West; and Jessica White of Iva.
Anderson County - William F. Morgan and Jerry T. Goodwin, both of Iva.
Charlotte, N.C. - Jamie M. Cline-Bowman.
Colleton County - William Thibodeau of Walterboro.
Edgefield County - Janet L. Johnson, Jode T. Robinson and John W. Ryan, all of Johnston.
Greenville County - Carlton D. Coble and Alicia L. Holm, both of Greenville.
Greenwood County - George T. Rosema and Aaron F. Walker, both of Bradley; Hillary E. Best, Michael K. Blohm, Rachel M. Bowick, Emily A. Brown, Porsha L. Burton, Shannon M. Crittendon, Daniel R. Dixon, David R. Fernandez, Angela C. Gambrell, Melinda Grayson, Alex P. Harlow, William M. Head, Mary P. Hill, Brandy K. Hudson, Josh R. Human, David H. Kirby, Dezi R. Loven, Shelli B. McClain, Craig D. Palmer, Keenan B. Phillips, Michael W. Quarles, Angela M. Self, Paul L. Spires, Ronda E. Tumblin, Robert H. Williams and Joshua Wooten, all of Greenwood; Velvet L. Dixon of Hodges; John J. Bundrick, John J. Clark, Kenneth W. Price, Tammy C. Walker and Amber L. Wideman, all of Ninety Six; Phillip L. Calhoun, Vetta H. Webb and Brandon P. White, all of Ware Shoals.
Lancaster County - Alice J. Pegram of Fort Mill.
Laurens County - Dennis Cancel and Antysha C. Simpson, both of Clinton; Jordan L. John and Oather R. Morgano, both of Gray Court; Thomas H. Coggins and Robert D. Johnston, both of Laurens; James W. Rogerson and William R. Smith, both of Waterloo; and Michael E. Gibson of Whitmire.
Lexington County - Waylon R. Kinard of Batesburg.
McCormick County - Jon P. Faulkner of Plum Branch.
Newberry County - Robin L. Rubin of Cross Hill; Jordan L. Cannady, Carrie L. Eargle, Kimberly D. Hitch and Donna S. Vincent, all of Newberry; Henry A. Brandt and Jill Thurman, both of Prosperity; and Christopher J. Allen-Gadson of Silverstreet.
Saluda County - Shirkerah K. Abney and Wade L. Hipp, both of Saluda.
Union County - Joe L. Brown of Whitmire.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Dean’s List students include:
Abbeville County
- Charles A. Trotter and Jessica N. Weis, both of Abbeville; and Aria D. Thomas of Calhoun Falls.
Anderson County - Jessica M. Hawkins of Anderson; and Sean A. Mansfield of Belton.
Edgefield County - John W. Brown of Johnston; and Christine S. Darrow of Trenton.
Greenwood County - Julian M. Washington, Cynthia C. Boone, Jennifer M. Chelf, Irvin L. Crawford, Taylor H. Davis, Zantavious J. Fuller, Adelaide M. Johnson, Shakeji L. Jones, William D. King, Melissa L. Leroy, Walter S. Lordemann, Amy H. Smoak, William H. Snyder, Doyle F. Timms, Dorothy M. Verdeflor, Phillip M. Walker, Davita L. Watkins, Nicholas R. Wilson and John H. Young, all of Greenwood; Jacob Z. Turner of Hodges; Katharine E. Homme of Ninety Six; and Kathy Duffie of Saluda.
Laurens County - James R. Best of Cross Hill; Isabel M. Cook of Gray Court; Marion L. Blakely, Tiffany Edwards and James E. Starnes, all of Laurens; James R. Hughes of Ware Shoals; Dora B. Cooley and Samuel M. Meakim, both of Waterloo.
Newberry County - Michael E. Chambers of Chappells; Claudette M. Cannon, Erin M. Connolly, Paula A. Dudley, Thomas E. Gary, Michelle L. Griffen and Barbara J. Williams, all of Newberry; April Jackson, Robin Morris and Jeremy S. Steele, all of Prosperity.
Saluda County - Jeremiah C. Owings of Ninety Six.
Union County - Jennifer Crosby of Union.

The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Merit List students include:
Abbeville County
- Justin Anderson, Keri W. Ashley, Courtney J. Buzhardt, Valerie S. Chapman, Robin C. Claussen, Codi L. Crawford, Angela M. Dowis, Shavonne L. Finley, Kristi A. Gedding, Henry D. Hayes, Jennifer R. Jones, Glory Patton, Casey J. Powell, Robert N. Robinson, Brandon E. Scott, Semophia C. Williams and Charles F. Willis, all of Abbeville; Irving C. Cowan, James A. Hembree and Nicole B. Tillman, all of Calhoun Falls; Mickey R. Abercrombie, Crystal D. Jones, Brent S. Nickles and Erin L. Talbert, all of Donalds; Stanislav S. Myshkovskiy of Due West; Michael R. Cape of Greenwood; Amber N. Johnson of Hodges; Gianna M. Cassandra and Bobby J. Suit, both of Honea Path; Kasey P. Siler and Robert G. Wooley, both of Iva; and Susan A. Bennett of Lowndesville.
Aiken County - Raymond M. Chandler of Wagener.
Anderson County - Barbara J. Williams, Devon E. Holcombe and Jowanna M. Miller, all of Anderson; Britney C. Ellison and Candice W. Ward, both of Belton; Janice A. Brock and Tina M. Bryan, both of Honea Path; and Charlotte P. Campbell of Starr.
Cherokee County - Jessica V. Dawkins of Gaffney.
Chester County - Kelley R. Going of Chester.
Dorchester County - Carolyn O. Mims of St. George.
Edgefield County - Philip A. Copeland, Renata D. Copeland, Kay P. Dorn, Thomas A. Morgan, Richard J. White and Suzanne C. White, all of Edgefield; Brandy N. Mayson of Johnston; Lorie Q. Taylor of North Augusta; and David R. Walker of McCormick.
Fairfield County - Ellnora W. Suber of Blair.
Greenville County - Angela F. Neal and Tana R. Gibson, both of Fountain Inn; Michelle F. Bowyer, Sabrina D. Hicks, Pamela M. Looper and Marzena U. Szkolnicka, all of Greenville; Laura M. Duran Martinez of Mauldin; Preston K. Porter of Taylors; and Jimmie P. Gray of Tigerville.
Greenwood County - Jamie A. Rambo of Bradley; Alyssa M. Albertson, William M. Ashmore, Yolanda S. Aull, Kristina M. Bagwell, Stephen W. Barklow, Detracuase D. Belcher, Kristen M. Bradfield, Barry E. Brown, Keith A. Brown, Michael W. Bullock, Kendra D. Busha, Gwendolyn M. Callaham, Charles W. Camp, Glenda H. Canfield, Theodore R. Carroll, Trakius Christian, Brian C. Clark, Brooke F. Daniel, Marie E. Darnell, Debra S. Dennin, Austin M. DePree, Leslie D. Dobbins, Gerald Dorn, Dean J. Duncan, Carlton S. Eustace, Julie E. Fitzgibbons, Katelyn N. Fleming, Adriana S. Free, Aimee N. Gambrell, Adriane J. Garvin, Jessica O. Gibert, Steven T. Giles, Katherine A. Goforth, Debbie J. Goldman, Lanina S. Goode, Akiba S. Griffin, Heather L. Hancock, Phillip A. Harrison, Giah A. Haynes, Ladesheila L. Hentz, Kara-Grace Higginbotham, Andrew M. Hodges, Corey M. Holliday, Gloria J. Holmes, Paul E. Horne, Amanda L. Horton, LaZandra M. Johnson, Candace R. Jones, Anthony L. King, Terry B. Ledford, Patsy H. Manley, Laphonia M. Mars, Alesia L. Mason, Tammy Mathis, Parlimentarian L. McKee, Jennifer L. Miller, Carl Monson, Brandon H. Moore, Derek K. Moore, Vanesa S. Mountz, Floyd M. Nicholson, Dedric J. Norman, Glennetta L. Norman, Tracy A. Palmore, Lindsay B. Parsells, Rachel J. Patton, Aaron K. Raley, Chris A. Rapley, Arian L. Reed, Kathy A. Richardson, Latonya N. Ross, Tamiko Searles, Jennifer L. Simmons, Kristaan B. Singletary, William P. Sligh, Jamie M. Steifle, Catherine D. Stokes, David E. Taylor, Mary A. Voiselle, John K. Wanto, Daniel L. West, Emma C. West, Jamey C. Westberry, Jorica J. Williams, Sara L. Williams. Ellen W. Williamson, Alison J. Willingham, Ashley M. Wilson, Charles K. Winston, Annie P. Woolridge, Kanavis R. Wright, all of Greenwood; Stephen C. Akin, Melissa A. Ligon, Christy M. Seawright, Jane A. Snead, Lauren J. Szortyka and Shiloh D. Turner, all of Hodges; Jacob A. Allen of Laurens; Brian W. Bencebi, Diane M. Carter, Eshane D. Cooley, Sally Dorn, Kevin T. Fuller, Steve D. Grigg, Teshana L. Hackett, Audrey M. Haulbrook, Alison B. Haynes, Michelle A. Lewis, Nicole Lorentz, Deanna W. McKee, Kellar E. Rogers and Sharonda T. Whitaker, all of Ninety Six; Brandon B. Brooks, Kaci A. Shirley and Ginna L. Weatherford, all of Troy; Andrew H. Cooper, Roxie A. Edwards, Shannon W. Grismer, Joseph W. Smith and Thomas R. Wilkinson, all of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Sonya R. Edwards, Jessica A. Fowler, Monia D. Gary, Bruce A. Holmgreen, Tonya Johnson, Katina E. McGowan, Charles J. Overstreet, Kizzie J. Priestley, Chiquita A. Ruth, Dani J. Sherfield, William D. Smith, Maranda A. Thacker and George H. Williams, all of Clinton; Carol M. Freeman, Dustin B. Lanning, Tyneiko B. Leake, Mendy D. Miller, Peggy P. Saxon and Gail E. Williams, all of Cross Hill; Julia J. Hale of Fountain Inn; Melissa G. Franks, Melvin C. McClellion, Jon M. Murdock and Sara E. Rea, all of Gray Court; Charles K. Blocker of Honea Path; Matthew J. Frye and Abby L. Shealy, both of Joanna; Marie P. Bishop, Bradley N. Cooper, Christopher L. Cranford, Gritton T. Culbertson, Tracy Harvey, Kathryn N. Hocker, Robert K. Hughes, Judy Hunnicutt, Joel G. Kuiper, Benjamin J. Langston, Charles M. Melton, Lynda C. Moore, Sandra M. Phillips-Daniel, Tonya M. Quarles, Robert J. Richardson, James T. Riddle, Josh Rieg, Sentara A. Smiley, Natalie M. Tinsley, Lucas R. Tollison, Kevin A. Wheeler and Cynthia N. Williams, all of Laurens; Timothy J. Cockrell, George A. Gantt, Corri A. Garrett and James N. Garrett, all of Mountville; Adam K. Hitt, Jarrett B. Jordan, Deborah A. Patrick and Jason K. Pearson, all of Waterloo.
Lexington County - Diana M. Bussard, Jacque P. Hebert and Mary K. Kenworthy, all of Chapin; Rachel C. Willis of Leesville; Michael A. Allen, Laura A. Ballew, Shannon B. Hughes, Anthony E. Marinelli and Kenneth D. Tucker, all of Lexington; and April Y. Johnson of West Columbia.
Lincolnton, Ga. - Delando J. Clark.
Marlboro County - Kevin A. Covington of Bennettsville.
McCormick County - Travis T. Callaham, Jennifer L. Feloni, Latasha Johnson and Leonard M. Mathys, all of McCormick; and Baileigh M. Brock of Troy.
Newberry County - Genene Bowers of Chapin; Jennifer Devall of Chappells; Tyler D. Tucker of Kinards; Victoria R. Hall of Little Mountain; Logan L. Beard, Christopher L. Brooks, Yesenia Castro, LeDonna R. Durrance, Brittany N. Gary, Corey M. Graham, Uhura H. Houseal, Jeffrey P. Kiser, Samuel L. Kiser, Amanda J. Larsen, John F. Martin, John C. Myers, Jared M. Poole and Bryan C. Waldrop, all of Newberry; Samuel C. Freeman and Ian K. Hatfield, both of Pomaria; Tiffany A. Bloniarz, Crystal G. Brock, Sally A. Crumpton, Rachel A. Duffie, Nathan J. Haupt, Shaina Kingsmore, Helen S. Martin, Marina L. Miller, Jennie E. Moore and Shari M. Warren, all of Prosperity; Helen R. Arnold, Joshua S. Corley and Alana F. Holland, all of Whitmire.
Oconee County - Amy L. Evering of Seneca; and Matthew R. Cobb of Westminster.
Orangeburg County - Kathleen M. Thompson of Branchville; Charles Kilgus and Richard L. Livingston, both of Orangeburg.
Pickens County - Shanika J. Brooks of Clemson.
Richland County - Donta A. Humphery of Columbia.
Saluda County - Anna V. Feaster, Rickey T. McCary and Ollie N. Miller, all of Batesburg; Deborah Hipps of Johnston; Kayla B. Hall of Leesville; Richard G. Barfield, Suzanne L. Bird, Allie L. Cameron, Allison M. Lake, Joshua D. Nicholson, Adam L. Tuttle and Whitney M. Upchurch, all of Saluda; and Robert L. Gillian of Ward.
Spartanburg County - Lanedra D. Brown of Moore.