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Testing Center

The Testing Center at Piedmont Technical College is responsible for student placement testing. The Center also serves students and faculty by proctoring other types of tests such as make-up testing, testing for Distance Learning students and retests.

Proctored Testing

For information about how to take proctored tests like make-up tests, testing for Online learning students and retests, click here.

Greenwood Placement Testing Schedule

Call (864) 941-8369 to make an appointment. Appointments are required on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and suggested on Mondays and Thursdays. 

The testing schedule is subject to change. To schedule a test appointment at any other PTC location, contact your local campus


8:30  10:30  12:30  2:30  4:00


8:30  1:00  3:30  4:30


8:30 & 1:00


8:30  10:30  12:30  2:30  4:00



Learn more about placement testing.

Testing Alternatives for Distance Learning Students

Distance learning students needing test administration services at locations away from PTC's Greenwood campus might want to research this website for alternative testing locations: or complete a request form below:

» Proctor Form for Non-PTC Campuses

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